The chess puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy is an interesting challenge. Here’s our easy guide to complete the chess puzzle quest.

In Hogwarts Legacy, the regular puzzles and quests can be quite difficult to solve. New sets of puzzles are coming out every day in the game and the next big puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy is the chess puzzle. This chess puzzle is relatively easier than the other quests of Hogwarts Legacy. The chess puzzle is located in the treasure vaults of Poidsear Coast which is also hidden. First, you need to travel to the Poidsear Coast area and then find the puzzle at the phoenix mountain cave. Unlocking the chess puzzle is as difficult as solving the same. You need to use spells to enter the cave where the chess puzzle can be started.

The exact location for the chess puzzle is the south of Hogwarts Valley. Utilize the Depulso or Accio spells to demolish the objects and get access to the cave where the hidden treasure vault chess puzzle is available. Then again you need to use transformation and Wingardium Leviosa spells to solve the missing chess pieces and defeat the King. All these spells are required to solve the chess puzzle challenge without any hurdles. To those who are struggling to solve the chess puzzle challenge, here’s our easy guide and walkthrough to complete the new chess puzzle quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Chess Puzzle Guide & Tips

After reaching the treasure vault zone in Poidsear Coast, here’s how to complete the chess puzzle.

Get inside the cave by breaking the entrance with a Depulso spell to find the chess board. Only a few pieces can be seen on the board. You need to solve the chess puzzle by finding the remaining pieces with the help of the spells. Use the Wingardium Leviosa spell to move the nearby pieces. You can then use the Revelio spell to find the balance pieces. Now utilize the transformation spell to transform the glowing piece into a bishop. Now you can use the Wingardium Leviosa spell to place the same bishop piece in a checkmate position. The transformation spell needs to be cast on the pot to move the bishop. Then with the Wingardium Leviosa, you can checkmate the enemy.

Chess Puzzle Gameplay
Chess Puzzle Gameplay

You can cast a transformation spell on the chair to transform it into a knight, while again the pot can be turned into a rookie, and finally, the vase is for the bishop.

You just need to follow simple steps and chess moves to complete this treasure vault chess puzzle in the game. After everything is followed correctly, the treasure chest will spawn again and appear in the vault again. You can now unlock and open the treasure vault to get some rewards including the Daring Cloak.

Follow these simple steps and tips to checkmate the king using the bishop and finally, you will complete the chess puzzle. Once the treasure knight chess puzzle is solved, you can proceed to complete the following chess-based puzzles and quests in Hogwarts Legacy.

Chess Puzzle
Chess Puzzle

That’s how you can crack the entire chess puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy. We will come back with more Hogwarts Legacy guides and updates soon. 

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