Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham’s Trial Guide


If you are facing difficulties in completing the Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham’s Trial then do not worry. The guide below will help you out.

In Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll find an old magic book in the Restricted Section of the Library, but before you can read it, you’re sent on a dangerous quest to find the remains of a thief named Jackdaw. In Jackdaw’s Tomb, you’ll fight spiders and enemies until you reach the Map Chamber. 

There, you’ll meet Percival Rackham, the leader of the Keepers, who will ask you to complete four trials before he trusts you with the secrets of ancient magic. This guide will show you how to complete the Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham’s Trial.


Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham’s  Trial Guide

Percival will tell you to go meet Professor Fig at North Ford Bog, which is in the north of the world map. You’ll have to fight some goblins and climb to the top of a tower. At the top, you’ll see another portrait of Percival, who will tell you that only you can do this trial. Then, you need to go back down the tower and follow the trail of ancient magic to open the portal to the trial.

Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham’s Trial: First 

Once you go through the portal door, go downstairs and through the door at the bottom to start the trial. Walk down the long hallway and go down the steps at the end to find the next spot with ancient magic. Use the ancient magic to open another portal and then go back up the stairs. 

Go through the portal and cross the bridge on the other side. When you cross two bridges, one of which moves in waves, you’ll reach a room with an inactive gateway. Go to the far side of the room where you see the ancient magic and activate the portal. Then, go through the portal.

Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham’s Trial: Second

As soon as you go through the portal, you’ll face three Sentinels that you need to defeat. After that, you’ll see a room with a treasure chest on the right side. Use your basic spell to hit the sigil on the wall to summon a bridge, cross it, get the treasure, and come back to the main room.

Then, go to the floating platform puzzle. Use Accio to pull the platform towards you and jump on top of it. Cast Accio again towards the wall anchors to move yourself and the platform around the room. First, go to the right side, activate the ancient magic portal, and cross it to get the chest on the other side. Then, go back through the portal because that room is a dead end. Now, get back on the platform, move around the portal on its left side, jump over the open space, and enter the next room.

Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham’s Trial: Third 

After defeating the Sentinels, you’ll reach another floating platform puzzle. Instead of using the platform, go up the large staircase to the right of it. When you’re on the walkway above, pull the platform towards you to align it with the ancient magic. Activate the portal and go through it.

The room will change each time you go through the portal. Your goal is to move the floating platform to the other side of the room. First, go through the portal, and new wall anchors will appear on the other side. Go back to the top floor, jump on the platform, and move towards the chest on the ledge above.

After getting the chest, go back through the portal from the other direction. Again, climb the stairs, pull the platform, and use the newest anchor to move to the end of the room.

Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham’s Trial: Fourth 

This time, you’ll encounter more enemies: three Sentries and some Inferius enemies. Be ready for a tougher battle. Once you’ve defeated them, you’ll face another floating platform puzzle. Activate the portal, jump on the platform, and use Accio to move yourself in front of the next portal. On the other side, there’s another floating platform.

Use Accio to bring the second platform closer, and jump through the portal to it. Use the wall anchors to move to the next area. As you get closer, you’ll see a long bridge with a big circular platform at the end. Before you approach the platform, make sure you’re ready for a tough fight.


How to defeat the Pensieve Guardian boss in the final battle

In the final battle, you’ll face off against three Sentinels and a group of Inferius enemies before the Pensieve Guardian boss makes a dramatic entrance. To defeat the boss, pay attention to his magic attacks and respond with the right spell. When he summons a magic orb, it will be yellow, red, or purple, and you must break the orb by attacking it with a spell of the same color.

During breaks between magic attacks, use your most powerful spells and dodge the boss’s physical attacks. Remember to frequently use ancient magic, which can be recharged often. By following these strategies, you can defeat the Pensieve Guardian and complete the quest in the Map Chamber.

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