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Severnaya Goldeneye 007

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Finding it hard to complete the Severnaya mission in Goldeneye 007? Follow our easy guide and simple tips to complete the mission easily.

Goldeneye 007 is a classic first-person shooter and action game from the developers Rare. Goldeneye 007 was first launched in 1997 and it was a raging hit over the years. The game is based on the popular James Bond movie Goldeneye. Right now, the remastered version of  Goldeneye 007 has been launched for Nintendo Switch and XBOX Consoles. There are no major changes to the remastered version of Goldeneye 007. The only difference is the visuals and graphics for the Nintendo Switch and XBOX versions. Goldeneye 007 has several missions and challenges. Just like other fps, you need to complete them to unlock new stories and challenges in the game.

 You take on the role of James Bond, to eradicate the Syndicate, a criminal gang. Single-player, Multiplayer, and Team Death Match modes are the major in-game modes of Goldeneye 007. There are several missions in Goldeneye 007. Every mission has several objectives, and completing all these would unlock the following missions in Goldeneye 007. Severnaya is one of the main story missions in Goldeneye 007. Completing this mission will grant you several rewards in the game. The Severnaya mission has 2 stages. One is Surface and the other is Bunker. Here’s our easy guide to complete the Severnaya fight in Goldeneye 007.

Severnaya Mission Walkthrough and Strategy

The Surface is the first part of the Severnaya mission from Goldeneye 007.  You need a bunch of weapons, armor, and explosives to complete the Severnaya challenge and objectives. A Sniper rifle, Grenades, Explosives, Klobb SMG, Hunting Knife, Grenade Launcher, Phantom, Timed Mine along with Safe Key, Hut Key, Hunting or Throwing Knives, and Notepads would be a great addition to this highly engaging and challenging mission.

Surface – Walkthrough

Enter the surface zone and kill the guards and soldiers in the main area. Enter the following room, break the surveillance camera, and then kill the security guards who are outside. Then you need to damage the communication link that serves as a path to Bunker. Damage the remaining surveillance camera, and kill the other soldiers.

After clearing the remaining enemies, you need to make your way to the main road. There’s also another task after reaching the zone. First you need to deactivate the Spetsnaz support aircraft. All these will give you the access to the bunker zone. Reach the main road and find the large building on your right. Enter inside the building and disrupt the surveillance cameras and other surveillance equipment once again, clear the soldiers and escape from the spot immediately. Whenever you kill an enemy or soldier, make sure to grab the keys they drop.

Next enter the main satellite zone and use your keys or pistol guns to destroy them. The next spot you will reach is the ventilation shaft and you can move forward without entering this zone. Finally, you will be able to find the bunker compound, walk for a couple of seconds and you should enter the dangerous bunker zone area. And the next challenge awaits you at the bunker zone and complete it without getting killed.

Bunker – Walkthrough

For the Bunker part, you have to complete the same objectives as you did in the surface part. Completing the bunker part will also conclude the Severnaya mission in the game. You need to disrupt the surveillance equipment, photograph the main video screen, activate the system, and more to complete this stage. The same set of weapons that you used for the surface part can be used for Bunker.

Severnaya Goldeneye 007
Severnaya mission

As soon as you enter the bunker zone, kill the enemies and guards who stand near the wall. Next enter the room with the generator and demolish the security cameras wherever they are. Kill the next security guard to procure more keycards. Next, you need to copy the Goldeneye key in a separate room. Move towards the area where there’s a staircase and enter the computer room. Take Boris to the computer room and copy the key. Then you can download the data from the computer and move from the spot. Kill the enemies and guard whoever spawns inside the hallway. You can use grenades or explosives to clear out these enemies in the zones near the computer room.

Next, you will meet Natalya in a cell where you will be trapped. You need to safeguard Natalya from the security guards in the cell. Use your Submachine to clear the guards near the jail cell, and this will help you to rescue Natalya.

You need to deactivate the security cameras wherever you find one. Next, you will enter another hallway, and kill the soldiers who enter the spot. Next, you will be able to pick up several keys and keycards along with the staff list for Severnaya. Then you can make your way to the main room, where you will find Natalya once again. Rescue her from the prison cell, and then collect the CCTV tape from the computer room. Then clear the remaining guards with an explosive gun or grenade launcher. Next enter the glass room and kill the enemies out there. You along with Natalya have to set a timer bomb explosive in the glass room, and then run out of the zone immediately. Then use the stairs to enter the main room and you can expel from the spot. Finally, one of the longest missions in Goldeneye 007, Severnaya, is completed now. The Severnaya mission is one of the challenging missions and longer at the same time. Follow every step and defeat the enemies, complete the objectives, and finally you should be able to complete the mission.

With this, our Goldeneye 007 Severnaya mission walkthrough and tips are completed. Complete the Severnaya mission and get your bounties. We will come back with more Goldeneye 007 mission guides and updates soon.

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