How to Beat Hell House in FF7 Remake

Final Fantasy VII has many Boss Fights and Challenges. Check our Hell House guide and walkthrough to defeat this mighty boss from FF7 Remake.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a successful game just like Final Fantasy VII original from 1997. Most of the features and gameplay from the original version are retained in the remake version. FF7 Remake, the RPG takes place in the Metropolis Midgar, and you take on the role of Cloud Strife an ex-soldier who’s on a mission. The real-time battles, abilities, magical powers, weapons, and boss battles are the major features of FF7 Remake.

FF7 Remake has several Boss battles and challenges. Hell House from Corneo Colosseum is an important boss fight, and players have to defeat Hell House to unlock the other challenges. As the name implies, Hell House will be one hell of a battle for the players of FF7. You can either take on the boss in the normal or hard mode of FF7. Hell House is weaker to magic ability, but the boss is highly resistant to many of your moves. A tactical enemy and you must deploy the best moves along with a set of weapons to defeat Hell House in this boss battle. Here’s our Hell House boss battle guide and strategies.

Hell House Fight Gameplay ff7 remake
Hell House Fight Gameplay

Hell House Boss Battle FF7 Remake – Guide & Walkthrough

The boss fight against hell house is available to access in chapter 9 of FF7 Remake. An intimidating boss who gets better in each phase, Hell House holds high HP, DMG, ATK, and Magic Defense. The boss unleashes spells in all 4 elements. You need to have a proper strategy and attacking plan to defeat Hell House in this toughest battle of the game.

Cloud’s Buster Sword, Purple Pain, and Twin Stinger can be your best weapons for this battle. These weapons possess insane stats and magical powers to endure all the attacks unleashed by the Hell House boss. Again you need to use the best magic materia for Cloud and Aerith. Healing Materia, Lightning Materia, Fire Materia, Time Materia, and Deadly Dodge all can be your best picks for all four elemental weapons. And never use physical and elemental damage in the first phase of the battle against Hell House, as the boss is highly immune to these moves.

Phase 1

Hell House starts the battle with Fire and Lightning, you can use Ice and Wind to counter these moves. You can cast the best materia to protect your health and avoid the boss’ attacks. The elemental affinity of Hell House is indicated by a barrier in the house. Red denotes fire, blue denotes ice, green denotes wind, and yellow is for lightning. Use the opposite element to negate the attacks. Hell House is highly resistant to physical and elemental damage, avoid them at any cost for this phase.

Hell House FF7 Remake
FF7 Hell House

Hell House throws chairs and furniture, and unleashes projectiles in phase 1. Use magic spells to overcome these. And be watchful of his hospitality attacks and missiles. Again the boss keeps changing his elemental affinity using the barrier shift skill. Hell House turns into evil after the god mode is activated, and he throws the chairs once again by activating the salvo chair ability. Use revival and poison materia whenever necessary.

Hell House has the ability to transform his elemental affinity and change his weaknesses, this is another thing that you need to cope with to defeat him. The poison materia will deal more damage, and when House Hell comes with an Ice elemental attack, you can go with Fire Materia. Keep attacking the boss, and block his moves whenever he is in god mode. The second phase begins whenever Hell House fails to inflict damage.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is more difficult than phase 1. But this time, Hell House is vulnerable against elemental, proportion, and physics damage. You can unleash these moves against Hell House whenever possible. Hell House doesn’t have the Barrier Shift ability, but the boss gains 3 more this time. Jet Stream, Rocket Charge, Double Rocket, Charge, and Housing Charge are the boss’ strengths this time around.

Hell House unleashes more flames and uses Fire spells for this phase in battle. You can use Ice Materia, Blizzard, and Thunder to overcome his moves. Renewed Hospital, the wind elemental attack, and Housing  Shock, the lightning attacks will be unleashed, use frozen spells and fire spells to overcome these.

Hell House Fight Gameplay ff7 remake
Hell House Fight Gameplay

Reduce the health shield of Hell House to complete the battle. Your best strategy is to use the materia which is straight opposite to that of Hell House. Use your swords and other weapons to get maximum damage in the final phase. Use physical damage to quickly reduce the HP of Hell House, the boss holds magical defense powers, you have to attack for a long time.

Both magical attack and defense allow the boss to endure for a long time in the battle. Deploy all the elemental attacks, deal more damage, bring his health to 0, and then the battle comes to an end. The battle against mighty Hell House lasts for more time, win against the boss with the best moves and the right materia. The fight against hell house will be long, but in the end, you can come out victorious. 

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