How to beat the Hateful in God Of War Ragnarok – Tips and Tricks



The Hateful is a non-optional boss in God Of War Ragnarok. Check our guide to find the best tips to defeat the Hateful Boss.

God Of War Ragnarok boss fights are in-game challenges that you need to unlock to level up faster. Many boss fights are mandatory and some are optional. Though some boss fights are only optional, you can always challenge yourselves to battle against those intimidating opponents in God of War Ragnarok. Hateful is a mini-boss and you can battle against this boss in the initial stages of the game. Hateful is also an optional boss, but fighting against Hateful will help you take on the other bosses without any complication. 

Before the battle against Hateful, players have to close six Draugr Holes as a prelude. You need to complete the Born from Fire Favor quest to close all the Draugr Holes. Even if this is an optional boss fight, you will get several rewards and XPs for defeating the Hateful Boss. The possible Draugr Holes locations where the Hateful Boss spawns are Apple Core Mines in Svartalfheim, Barrens, Midgard, Vanaheim, and other places throughout all the Nine Realms in God Of War Ragnarok. You will battle against the Hateful Boss a couple of times in each of these locations. Here’s our guide to defeating the Hateful Boss in God of War Ragnarok with easy tips, tricks, and strategies.

Hateful Boss Fight Guide and Strategy 

Whenever you spot a Draugr hole, the battle against Hateful gets initiated. The very first battle against the Hateful Boss begins in the Mines in Applecore, Svartalfheim. The battle against the Hateful Boss will be held in 2 phases, here’s Hateful Boss fight strategy and walkthrough.

Phase 1

The Hateful Boss has a variety of attacks and most of them are powerful and unblockable. You need to equip Leviathan Axe, Shield, and Atreus’ Arrows as your weapon. The Hateful boss’ many moves can be negated by parrying them. The Hateful Boss has several moves, Burn Effect, Stomp Attacks, Slash Attacks, Flaming Axe Combos, Triple Axe Combo, and Molten Spray are some of his primary attacks you need to endure. Use the frost effect on your Axe to stop his attacks. You can parry his unblockable attacks. The unblockable attacks of Hateful will be x2 of his normal attacks and moves. Kratos needs to be watchful of these unblockable and spin moves.

Hateful unleashes a molten rock and throws it towards you in the form of a funnel spray, you need to dodge this molten spray move to avoid damage. His triple slash attacks are more lethal and again you can parry them. Try to attack him using Leviathan Axe lightning and runic attacks. The runic attacks can reduce his HP faster. Deploy Spartan rage and frost effect to deal double damage. Use Atreus’ Arrows to take on the minions of Hateful. Keep dealing more damage whenever the boss is down.

Try to reduce his HP to 50% to kickstart the second phase. Hateful will lunge forward and try to chop you with his Xe while running, this is indicated by the usual red rings. His other attacks include burn attacks, fireballs, and flame projectiles. You have to parry most of his moves. After reducing his HP to half, the next phase begins.  The second phase against the Hateful Boss is not as easy for Kratos. Kratos needs to be more aggressive to defeat the boss.

hateful god of war ragnarok
The Hateful Boss

Phase 2

Hateful will be more aggressive and faster in phase 2. You need to change your strategy for phase 2 against Hateful. This time you often need to use Spartan rage and other moves to nullify his attacks. Hateful unleashes a Burn Effect, the entire area turns orange, and you have to step backward, or else the flame from the burn effect can gradually reduce Kratos’ health. He also tries to use stomp attacks by making you collapse on the ground. Hateful uses flame effects on his axe to create a new combo, you can dodge this. Use frost effect, lightning attacks, and arrows to stun the boss, this will move the battle towards the end line. Whenever Kratos is stunned, use the frost effect and Spartan energy to boost his powers.

Attack him with Atreus’ Arrows and you can use runic attacks to inflict severe damage. Hateful Boss will repeat all his attacks and combos, you can continue with your same strategy and moves. Dodge and Parry his unblockable moves and avoid the flame projectiles and fireballs in the end by staying behind the red rings. Deal more damage and use the frost effect on Kratos’ axe to make the final blow on the boss. The Hateful Boss will be without powers and skills in the last stage of battle.

Kratos god of war ragnarok

The battle against the Hateful Boss ends once his HP is down, and he’s down on the ground. A long yet challenging battle against the Hateful in the first encounter ends, and you will battle against him in the other five spots as you open the Draugr Holes in God of War Ragnarok. Pick your rewards as drops from the Hateful Boss and complete the other boss fights in Ragnarok.

The Hateful Boss Fight – Rewards

Your rewards for defeating the Hateful Boss include,

  • Kratos XP 
  • Atreus XP 
  • Sovereign Coals
  • Hacksilver
  • Dust of Realms
  • Chaos Spark
hateful god of war ragnarok
The Hateful Boss

That’s how you can defeat the Hateful Boss in God of War Ragnarok. Follow our walkthrough and strategy to beat the Hateful Boss without any trouble. Get your rewards and complete the other Ragnarok challenges to progress in the game. We will come back with more God of War Ragnarok guides and updates soon.

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