Forspoken Guide – 10 Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Forspoken Guide provides valuable information for players looking to improve their gameplay experience in the game Forspoken.

Suddenly and unexpectedly transported to Athia, Frey Holland finds herself in a mysterious and captivating land. A magical bracelet, seemingly alive, has attached itself to her arm. It grants her the ability to cast powerful spells and navigate vast landscapes. She names her newfound companion “Cuff,” and sets out to find a way back home.

As she delves deeper into Athia, Frey learns that the land was once prosperous under the rule of benevolent. They are the leaders known as Tantas. However, a devastating event known as “The Break” altered the environment and inhabitants, turning animals into beasts. Moreover, it turned men into monsters and lush landscapes into four dangerous realms. The remaining Tantas now rule as cruel and deranged sorceresses.

Determined to uncover the truth and find a way home, Frey agrees to aid the remaining citizens of Athia. They see her as their only hope. Her journey leads her into the heart of corruption. There she must face off against monstrous creatures and confront the powerful Tantas. She will have to discover secrets that will change her in ways she never imagined. So if you are starting this exciting game, then you will need the Forspoken Guide. The Forspoken Guide has the best tips and tricks to help you.

Forspoken Guide: Pilgrim’s Refugee

In Forspoken, the sacred sanctuaries of the pilgrims are known as “refugees.” These humble chapels serve as both a means of transportation and a place of healing. Here, weary travelers can craft and enhance their equipment, and even discover hidden locations by interacting with the pulpit at the threshold of each refuge. As one delves deeper into their journey, they’ll gain access to the spellcraft library. It is a trove of challenges that can hone and refine their magical abilities.

Forspoken Guide: Spellcraft challenges

The spellcraft challenges in Forspoken are relatively simple, requiring the completion of a set number of actions with a specific spell. Upon completing a challenge, players will gain a permanent increase in their magic stat and an increase in the power of the associated spell. At any given time, players can juggle three challenges. With the ability to fast travel to refuges in 1.68 seconds, it is recommended to always have three challenges active.

Cuff scan

Cuff Scan is a feature of the magical bracelet known as “Cuff” that is worn by Frey Holland in the land of Athia. This feature allows Frey to regularly scan her surroundings for important information and hidden locations. The Cuff Scan can reveal the location of valuable resources such as crafting materials. It will also reveal secret paths and hidden areas that are not visible to the naked eye. 

Additionally, the Cuff Scan can detect the presence of hostile creatures and enemies, giving Frey the opportunity to prepare for battle or avoid dangerous areas. It is important for Frey to regularly use the Cuff Scan feature to fully explore the vast and mysterious land of Athia and uncover its secrets.

Forspoken Guide: Compass 

The sprawling realm of Athia can be quite the labyrinth to navigate. Its 3D map can be a bit bewildering to fathom if one isn’t viewing it from the right perspective. But have no fear, for your trusty wrist companion is here to guide you. Utilize the Cuff Compass by holding the Up button on the D-Pad to find your bearings and a trail will illuminate the path ahead. 

Also, you can flip through your journal to switch between your objectives. And a simple press of a button, your cuff scans the immediate area and uncovers useful information. The information such as nearby loot and enemies, as well as their vulnerabilities.

Use the Parkour System

Forspoken’s parkour mechanics are a highlight of the gameplay experience. It allows players to traverse the world with fluidity and grace. The parkour system utilizes a stamina meter that is also consumed when dodging or avoiding fall damage. 

It is important to keep in mind that fall damage does not result in death as long as there is still stamina in the meter. Instead, Frey will be momentarily incapacitated and will need to wait for her stamina to recover before continuing. To avoid this, players should be mindful not to hold down the sprint button while running off of high ledges.


Gameplay and Accessibility Settings

To enhance your gameplay experience, head to the accessibility settings and turn off the spellcraft challenge display. While active spellcraft challenges are ongoing, Forspoken will display pop-up detailing progress for all three challenges. However, this feature does not provide any tangible benefit as players will receive a notification once a challenge is completed, and progress can always be checked in the magic menu.

Forspoken offers a vast array of settings that allow players to customize their experience, from adjusting the visual mode to modifying the challenge factor and even the frequency of Cuff’s dialogue. To make the most of your gameplay, consider tweaking the following settings right from the start.

Upgrading Magic Skills: Mana and Support Spells

As you progress through the game, you’ll earn mana. This can be spent to upgrade your spells and abilities. It may be tempting to focus on upgrading your base combat spells. It is more beneficial to unlock new support spells found on the left side of the skill tree. 

These support spells, such as the health-stealing tendril and the disperse mini-turret, provide enormous help in early-game battles. The sooner you unlock them, the smoother your journey will be. Also, keep in mind that support magic is restricted by cooldowns, so unlocking all eight spells will ensure that you always have at least one spell ready to use at any given time.

Frey’s Three Types of Magic

Frey wields three types of magic in her arsenal: Support, Attack, and Surge. Support Magic provides beneficial effects or passive damage. However, it must recharge after each use. Landing hits with Attack Magic will speed up the recharge process. This makes it a good strategy to begin battles with Support Magic before going on the offensive. Additionally, it is possible to switch between Support spells when one is on cooldown, as all spells have independent timers.

Surge Magic is a powerful ultimate move that becomes available when the Surge meter is full. Players must use a combination of Support and Attack moves to fill the meter, so it is essential to vary your combos during combat.

Collecting Mana Pools

The shimmering wisps that scatter throughout Athia are not to be overlooked. Known as Mana Pools, they provide a valuable source of free Mana, which is the currency used to acquire new magic spells. Although players can earn Mana through completing quests, leveling up, and clearing points of interest, Mana Pools are easily accessible and can be found all over the realm. To collect them, simply run through a pool, no need to stop or press any button, it’s that simple.


Side Questing: Detours and Events

In Forspoken, side quests, called Detours, are unlocked after most major story beats. To initiate and complete them, speak with NPCs in Cipal. However, some quests might become unavailable as the story advances.

In addition, there are special Events in Cipal that must be completed before they expire. Question mark icons indicate these and typically involve discussions with key NPCs. It’s a good idea to clear Detours and Events as they appear to earn new gear, valuable items, and extra experience. The game does a great job of indicating when irreversible progress is about to be made.

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