How to Beat Phantylia in Honkai Star Rail?



You can defeat the Phantylia boss in Honkai Star Rail and earn some exclusive resources. Find out the best counters and team comps here.

Honkai Star Rail has many unique quests and boss battles. The Echo of War is a weekly boss fight where you can fight against some powerful bosses in the game. Every Echo of War boss fight takes place in Xianzhou Luofu and other Simulated Universes as well. The Echo of War features a couple of boss fights and players get many exclusive and rare resources as drops. Phantylia, the Undying boss is the latest Echo of War boss launched through the game’s 1.2 patch update version.

Phantylia, who deals 3 types attacks, is located in Xianzhou world and you have to complete some objectives before unlocking this weekly challenge. She deals Lightning, Wind, and Imaginary damage. Phantylia is also weaker against these three elemental attacks. You can counter her easily with the best healer and Seele builds of the game. Here’s all about Honkai Star Rail Phantylia boss fight and how to defeat her easily.

Steps to Defeat Phantylia in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail Phantylia boss
Boss fight

You can find Phantylia after completing one of the Trailblaze missions. If you are not sure about how to find her, this guide should help you unlock the Phantylia boss fight.  Phantylia summons two Burgeon Bloom flowers during the battle. These twin flowers don’t do much damage but it can stop your progression.  You have to use one of the best healers of Honkai Star Rail in your team to encounter Phantylia. Overcoming Phantylia’s attacks and reducing her hp will be a challenging task.

You can go with Natasha, Bailu, or Luocha. The other units can be any of Blade, Bronya, Serval, Dan Heng, and Wukong. Jing Yuan, Tingyun, and Yukong are the other best team comps to defeat the Phantylia boss.

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These units can deal massive damage and the healing units can avoid Phantylia’s huge wind and imaginary attacks. She deals Lightning damage that can quickly drain your hp. It’s best recommended that you equip the best set of light cones, skills, and abilities to endure for a longer time. 

The boss fight against Phantylia takes in three phases. Equip the best light ones and keep attacking her. Swap your skills to avoid her AoE attacks and the flower combos. Abundance and Destruction lotus are her primary attacks. You can dodge them and counter with the best skills. Once you overcome her flower attacks,

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The strategy to defeat Phantylia is to change your units and skills. This will stun her and you can also overcome its flower attacks. Keep attacking and the fight ends once Phantylia runs out of health. You will get rewards like Quid Pro Quo, Fermata, Regret of Infinite Ochema, Musketeer of Wild Wheat, and free Credits as well.

The boss fight takes place every week and completing this will unlock more Echo of War mission. With the right tricks and strategies, these Echo of War boss fights can be completed easily. Every boss also drops credits, stellar jades, and other exclusive rewards as well.

That’s everything you need to know about defeating the Phantylia boss in Honkai Star Rail. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.

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