How to beat Meta Ridley in Metroid Prime


Wondering how to defeat Meta Ridley in Metroid Prime? Here is how you can do it with all the tips and tricks you’ll need.

Meta Ridley is a boss in Metroid Prime Remastered that players will have to battle at the artifact temple after collecting 12 Chozo artifacts. The battery is quite simple and straightforward but players will struggle to take down this boss. Does to make your work easier we have put together a guide to help you defeat meta Ridley in Metroid Remastered.

Artifact temple is the only place where players will find the boss Meta Ridley And get the associated log book entry. If you’re looking for a 100% completion you have to Equip the scan visor in Metroid prime remastered and scan the boss before you go fight it. In order to scan it you have to choose a safe time, and this moment is at the beginning of the engagement. A matter I’d leave a salt becomes more powerful as the fight goes on so fans have to secure the log book entry at any found during the battle.

Meta Ridley in Metroid Prime
Meta Ridley in Metroid Prime

How to beat Meta Ridley?

There are 2 phases of attacks that Meta Ridley will use. Let’s have a detailed look at both of them

First phase

The 1st of these attacks is the easiest to deal with and it is your best chance against the Meta Ridley boss. In order, to defeat it players will have to give high damage to Meta Ridley. When it is flying around you can log on to the boss and keep the power beam fully charged and loaded and your super missile strike any time that his chest is not covered by his wins or hands. If you aggressively shoot a super missile it would prevent Meta Ridley from shooting many lasers or projectiles.

For the 2nd attack, it will give you a little opportunity to apply huge damage to the enemy. We suggest that you focus on remaining locked on to Metroid prime mastered Meta Ridley and analyze its movement and stay away from the lasers and projectiles.

Meta Ridley First Phase
Meta Ridley First Phase

For the third attack, it stomps on the platform. Players should just jump around to avoid its Shockwave attacks. From a far distance try to unload power bean shots unto Meta Ridley’s mouth when it’s open and then grab the orbs and ammunition that it leaves behind.

  • Meta Ridley roams around the perimeter of the Artifact temple and fires at Samus from the air.
  • Meta Ridley flies directly over the Artifact temple and will drop projectiles, and fires lasers occasionally.
  • It will storm onto the platform and send shockwaves at you and will attack you using melee attacks.

Phase two

Once Meta Ridley reaches 1/4 health his wings will disintegrate and he will be forced to continue his attack from the ground. This is the 2nd and final phase of the pattern and Meta Ridley will use the following attacks.

  • It will storm onto the platform and send shockwaves at you.
  • Meta Ridley will charge directly at Samus, and will follow up with tail swipes and use melee attacks.
  • For the last attack, it will use its laser and move its head horizontally to move along the platform.

One thing to keep in mind when you’re fighting Meta Ridley s that you need to have a lot of patience. If used the attacks correctly you will find many small windows where you can give a lot of damage to Meta Ridley. One of the best opportunities for you to attack is during the 3rd type of attack and players can keep the power beam fully charged at all times, jump over the laser as it moves coma, and then immediately send a super missile into the boss’s mouth. If this attack connects meta Riley will remember his jest and players should launch another super missile at its weak point for big damage.

Meta Ridley phase 2 attack
Meta Ridley phase 2 attack

You can also give it damage by launching the fully charged power beam at Meta Ridley’s mouth when he opens it. There will be many times during the fight that the boss opens its mouth so you can land a few strikes in Its weak point. Don’t get too aggressive with your attack when meta is using his 1st and 2nd attack type jumping over the storm’s shock wave and dodging just before the change occurs.

You will have to use a Methodical approach when you fight Meta Ridley to bring it down and gain access to the Impact crater. Players who have used a lot of missiles during the artifact temple can visit Samos ship and replenish their ammunition before Going to the Impact Crater.

This is all you need to do to take down Meta Ridley in Metroid Prime Remastered. Hope you understood the above-mentioned detailed approach that you can use in your battle. All the best for your upcoming battle.

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