How to Beat Maguu Kenki in Genshin Impact TCG


You should carefully plan your Genshin TCG moves in order to defeat Maguu Kenki. But if you have trouble figuring it out check out our guide to beating Maguu Kenki in Genshin Impact TCG.

In the RPG Genshin Impact Maguu Kenki is a boss in Inazuma. It has the ability to deal with Cyro and Anemo DMG and has incredible block skill and I-frames Maguu Kenki is an irritating character but has a strong impact on the storyline. While Cryo switches to the previous unit, casting Anemo switches the active character to the next unit. Terrormask’s Return is a unique feature that the boss also has. Maguu Kenki will thereafter be the protagonist of the End Chapter as a result of this.

If you are eyeing a Maguu Kenki card you have to first defeat the Tavern Challenge. Here you should know everything to defeat Maguu Kenki in Genshin Impact TCG.

Maguu Kenki Genshin Impact TCG
Transcendent Automaton Genshin Impact TCG

How to Defeat Maguu Kenki in Genshin Impact TCG

First things first, in order to defeat Maguu Kenki in TCG players should get off the Nobushi before fixing their target on Maggu. You should have a good deck in your hands to defeat Maguu Kenki. The starter deck could be very basic for attacking. Thus let’s see what are the few powerful decks you can use.

Maguu Kenki Genshin Impact TCG
Genshin Impact TCG Decks
  • Fischl + Keqing + Collei
  • Ayaka + Yoimiya + Chongyun
  • Yoimiya + Collei + Fatui Pyro Agent
  • Xingqiu + Bennett + Yoimiya

All these decks are ranked as the best in Genshin Invokation TCG tournaments in Genshin Impact 3.3. These are good enough decks for clearing this challenge and can easily beat a PvE challenge in Genshin Impact. It is recommended that you explore all the decks and know for yourself which works the best out of the lot. Every deck has its own Perks and cons.

If you want to use other Genshin Impact cards, you can check out the full deck list of other top-tier decks.

Maguu Kenki – Strategy

You would have an idea of what decks to look for to use against Maguu Kenki. Obviously, everyone has their own weakness and strengths so does Maguu Kenki. In this Genius Invokation TCG match you will be facing Maguu Kenki with three character cards vs Maggu alone. Thus you should pay attention to your character cards to eliminate one of Maguu Kenki’s allies as they do not possess much HP. After one ally is down focus on the net one. If you are to fight Maggu you should know what is it immune to. These are the elements that don’t affect Maggu Kenki.

  • Frozen
  • Stun
  • Petrification

So if you think think you can win your way against Maguu Kenki easily using the Permafreeze strategy it’s not true. Transcendent Automaton is also automatically deployed at the start of the battle.

Maguu Kenki has a unique style of combat in which he unleashes the same pattern every time. Note down this pattern to tackle him easily

Maguu Kenki Attack Pattern

Maguu Kenki starts the first round of battle this way:

  • Nobushi’s Elemental Skill (Electro on Normal Mode, Pyro on Hard Mode)
  • Maguu Kenki’s Normal Attack (Physical DMG)

In the next round Maguu Kenki will deploy the following attack:

  • Maguu Kenki’s Anemo Skill
  • Nobushi’s Normal Attack
  • Nobushi’s Normal Attack

The third round of battle goes this way:

  • Maguu Kenki’s Cryo Skill
  • Nobushi’s Burst (this takes two turns to charge, so make sure to defeat the Nobushi before it’s done charging)
  • Nobushi’s Normal Attack

The fourth round will then go as follows:

  • Maguu Kenki’s Elemental Burst in Genshin Impact.
  • Maguu Kenki’s Normal Attack
  • Nobushi’s Elemental Skill (Electro on Normal Mode, Pyro on Hard Mode)

The enemy’s squad will alternate between each member of its team whereas each Nobushi only moves once. Thus players won’t be affected by actions like Overloaded which has a strong attack.

Now, you know the trick to defeating Maguu Kenki. Here are all the points to keep in mind in order to defeat Maguu Kenki and get your special card. Hope you find this useful and use these tactics to defeat Maguu Kenki.

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