How to Beat Alva in God of War Ragnarok



If you are looking for the best tips to defeat the mighty Ragnarok, here’s how to beat Alva in God of War Ragnarok with the best guide.

Alva is one of the dangerous boss fights in God of War Ragnarok. Many players of Ragnarok fail to defeat her in the first few tries. If you are running out of strategies and techniques to defeat Alva, here is how you can beat Alva in God of Ragnarok with the best guide, strategy, and weapons. You can use all these strategies and tactics to defeat and kill the Alva boss in the game.

As Alva is a main story boss fight you will be able to spot her at The Temple of Light from Alfheim Realm. You must be tentative of her attacking patterns and strategies which may potentially kill you while taking on her. Here are the best ways to counter the Alva girl in God of Ragnarok.


LocationTemple of Light, Alfheim
Recommended LevelLevel 2
Rewards500 Kratos XP
335 Atreus XP
Frozen Flame

How to Beat Alva in God of War Ragnarok

Here are the best tips to combat the dangerous Alva in Ragnarok.


The son of Kratos, Atreus will be a great strategy to attack Alva, especially using his bow and sonic arrows which will quickly dampen Alva’s health bar and make her fragile during the attacks. Atreus has been a savior for many players as he can easily assist you with all his skills and potential to defeat anyone in the game.

Be Ready to Tackle Alva’s Attacks

As Alva has been a stronger boss and she can cause explosive attacks on her enemies. Knowing and analyzing her strengths will help to hamper her attacks. Alva makes anyone vulnerable to her with combo attacks and unblockable strikes. For preventing her attacks, we recommend using the Shield Bash and Dauntless Shield.

Leviathan Axe

The Leviathan Axe is basically a war axe in God of Ragnarok which is also two-handed. The Frost Awakens buff must also be used with the axe which can inflict severe damage and attacks on Alva while halting her progression completely. Leviathan Axe can slash away any opponent in a fraction of a second. To bash a boss like Alva, you must equip the Leviathan Axe as your go-to weapon.

Avert Alva’s Sword Attacks

Alva has always relied on her spinning swords which can chop anyone into pieces. This boss holds two swords out of which she throws one from the backhand which can be very dangerous. You just need to parry her sword attacks.

Reduce her Health Points

If Alva’s health is drained then anyone can exploit the situation and bash her down. You need to consistently keep attacking her with your weapons and also at the same time block and parry her combo attacks so that her HP gets reduced gradually and she will run out of health.

Spear Throw

Another dangerous attack from Alva is her spear throws and attacks. As she’s capable of blending her swords to transform them into a spear to attack her opponents is something that you need to be wary of. You will be able to spot her spear attacks as they can be identified with yellow-colored rings easily. Also, be cautious of the ground attacks and strikes with her blades which can slash you into pieces.

Stop Her Blue Ring Attacks

Another strongest attack of Alva is her blue ring attacks and the disadvantage here is you won’t be able to stop, block or parry them. You must employ the shield bash or other skills to stop her blue rings which are vulnerable. Alva often used the blue ring attacks to take advantage in the battles, but you must look for ways to overcome this.

Stop Her Blue Ring Attacks
Stop Her Blue Ring Attacks

More Tips to Defeat Alva in Ragnarok

Apart from attacking Alva to defeat her, you must make sure that your health shield doesn’t drop down during the battle. Avert damages and attacks to stabilize your health bar. Try to counter the blue circle attacks with a Shield Strike by tapping the L1 button. Alva will use her two blades to slash you, but you can dodge or block it quickly whenever she tries to damage you with her attacks.

Always keep interrupting her attacks as it will not allow her to move around easily on the field. Beware of her melee attacks that can come out with the red-colored rings as she also deploys a spinning attack for this and you should find ways to dodge her X-shaped lighting beam attacks as you can’t parry or block them.

Alva Boss Fight in God of War Ragnarok
Alva Boss Fight in God of War Ragnarok

Another strength of Alva is her deadly spin and sword attacks which she will be able to use even when her health bar is low. You must promptly block or dodge her attacks and be cautious every time her health bar reduces as beating Alva is an uphill task any day for the Ragnarok players.

All these can be the best tactics and strategies to take on Alva in God of Ragnarok. Defeating Alva is still a dream for many of the Ragnarok players as they cannot counter her attacks. Some lack the potential to block her attacks, some are not able to interrupt her sword and blade attacks which can create colossal damage easily. But you may deploy these tactics, strategies, and tips to defeat Alva in God of war Ragnarok.

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