Conquer the challenging Gladiator Mission in Honkai Star Rail with our comprehensive walkthrough and guide. Navigate the treacherous battles, uncover hidden strategies, and triumph over formidable foes.

There are plenty of missions in Honkai Star Rail. Once you get through every Trailblaze mission, you get access to missions across all planets. Jarilo-VI is the first planet where you complete all main missions. Gladiator is an Adventure Mission that you can get access to after reaching Trailblaze level 19 and completing the mission, Ring and Stage II. You also need to complete the Trail of the Equilibrium Part One to get access to this enthralling mission. 

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Gladiator mission can be accessed from Ring and Stage II. You can unlock the new Boulder Town Super League in-game mode after completing this quest. Here’s all about the Honkai Star Rail Gladiator mission along with some tips and tricks to complete it in our latest guide.

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Honkai Star Rail Gladiator Mission – Tips and Tricks

Once you meet all the requirements, get to the Fighter Club from Boulder Town. Meet and interact with Dr.Dig and learn about the House Special. The new House Special is a special tournament for VIPs. Once you become a VIP Boxer, you get access to this new Kibbles tournament that features give rounds against five different opponents as well.

Honkai Star Rail Gladiator Mission

Your strategy is to mix up elements and use the most powerful units above level 40 in Honkai Star Rail to defeat all opponents in each round. Here’s the guide to complete the contest of five rounds in this new gladiator mission.

Stage 1 Kibble’s Squad vs Rookie Busters 

Here you fight against  two Automaton Spider enemies. You can go with fire, ice, and lightning elemental characters for this round. March 7th and Dan Heng can be your primary characters. Use their best skills to tackle enemies in the first battle. Cast ultimate at the start and then focus on dealing damage.

Screenshot 122

Stage 2 Kibble’s Squad vs Ash the Mechanic

Second stage is against  Automaton Beetle and Vagrant. You can include Asta for this round. Here fire damage will be explosive. Natasha and March 7th can be your other units. Both can heal and inflict severe damage. You can use another ice element character like Herta to complete this contest easily. Stage 2 will be a challenging task and you can focus on beating one unit at a time. This is the strategy for every contest in the Gladiator mission.

Stage 3: Kibble’s Squad vs Greyback Whale

Automaton Grizzly will be your enemy which also unleashes two Automaton Sliders. Bronya, Dan Heng, and March 7th along with Trailblazer are the best units to clear stage 3. Cast their ultimate skills and switch skills constantly. Focus on clearing spiders and then deal damage. Follow this strategy and use all available skills from the kit to complete this contest.

Stage 4 Kibble’s Squad vs Mechanical Fighting Style

Stage 4 is the most challenging phase of Gladiator mission.  Automaton Direwolf and Vagrant are your enemies. March 7th, Asta, and Serval are your units. These three can deal massive damage. Use another healer as your fourth unit. Overcome the Lock On ability of enemies and cast ultimate initially to gain an advantage. Change your skills and attack both targets simultaneously. Use a shield and unleash the ultimate skills of your units to overcome the fourth stage.

Stage 5 Kibble’s Squad vs Greyback Whale: Modified

The final contest is here against the modified version of the Greyback Whale. You need a damage dealer and healer to avoid the massive incoming attacks of  Automaton Direwolf and  Automaton Grizzly. You can go with Dan Heng, Sampo, Natasha, and March 7th. The enemies in stage 5 summon spiders again. Clear the spiders first and focus on other targets. Equip a shield to make sure your units are not vulnerable. Use the characters with high HP initially and heal them using ultimate. Keep dealing damage and the battle will be completed in a while.

These are the best units and elements for all Gladiator mission contests in Honkai Star Rail. Make sure to use consumables during intervals. Snapper Jam Appetizer and Bottled Soda are the best consumable items to use for these contests. These will increase your ATK and HP. You can use consumables after every contest.

You get some rewards for completing the Gladiator mission in Honkai Star Rail,


  • x3 Condensed Aether
  • x100 Shield
  • x12,000 Credit
  • x250 Stellar Jade
  • x40 Trailblaze EXP

That’s everything you need to know about the Honkai Star Rail Gladiator adventure mission and steps to complete it. 

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