How to Take Photos in Honkai Star Rail?



Ready to capture the perfect photo in Honkai Star Rail? Our guide to taking photos will help you snap the perfect shot every time. Check it out now!

Honkai Star Rail, the 3D gacha game from HoYoverse has so many features. The game which is very much akin to Genshin Impact, has been getting favorable responses from fans. Honkai Star Rail has many anime characters along with interesting content and features. The game’s best feature is the “Photo Mode”. You don’t get access to Photo mode initially. Complete the basic Trailblaze missions to unlock the Photo Mode feature in Honkai Star Rail. Photo mode is a fun activity and you can take pictures of all heroes from all different angles. When there are no missions available, you can do this.

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Once you complete four to five missions, the Photo Mode gets unlocked automatically and you can find it on your right. Clicking a picture of your favorite characters becomes easy now with the game’s photo mode. Here’s all about the Honkai Star Rail photo mode and the best ways to take a picture in the game. 

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Steps to Take a Photo in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai star rail photo

The first step before taking a photo is to complete the tutorials. Then, you can click a picture of your favorite Honkai Star Rail heroes. Here are the steps to do it.

  • Complete Tutorials and get access to the Photo Mode
  • Tap the Phone Icon on the top left or tap the space button
  • Now you can find the Camera icon on your right
  • Click the camera button
  • Now you can take a picture of your character
  • On PC, you can tap F and the pics will be stored in Installation Directory/Games/StarRail_Data/ Screenshots

You can also edit before saving. There will be a couple of filters like Sunset Glow, Belobog Night, Faded Memories, and more. You can also tap the settings button on your top left, this will display many camera settings options like,

Honkai star rail photo
  • Face the Camera
  • Hide Character
  • Hide Game Logo
  • Turn Character Around
  • Default to First Person POV
  • Hide Personal Information

You can simply toggle between on and off. That’s how you can take a picture in Honkai Star Rail. If you play on mobile, the pictures will directly be stored in your gallery. If it is on pc, you can check in the game’s directory.

There are a couple of actions in the camera settings that include Idle Action 1 and Idle Action 2. You can also choose expressions like Relaxed, Grumpy, and Surprised. You can click pictures anywhere and at any time during missions. You can take during Trailblaze missions, Jarilo-VI, and other locations across the map. Taking pictures can be your hobby and allows you to relax amid hectic missions in the game. You can click in all angles and use the mouse to position the characters in the right position.

That’s everything you need to know about taking a photo in Honkai Star Rail. The Photo Mode feature is amazing. Click some beautiful pics of all playable characters through this feature. We will come back with more Honkai Star Rail updates and guides soon.

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