All Calus Automan Locations in Destiny 2


Are you looking for the Destiny 2 Calus Automan Locations? You have arrived at the right place. Read this guide till the end to know about all locations.

A series of malfunctioning robotic replicas of the exiled Cabal Emperor Calus exist. By locating these replicas, players will have a brief interaction with the Automaton and by discovering all six, they will unlock the “Hear, Don’t Heed” triumph in Destiny 2.

Note that these automatons are located within the Season of the Haunted’s Sever missions. Therefore, they cannot all be found immediately. To locate each one, players must unlock each mission in order. The below guide will give you all the Destiny 2 Calus Automan Locations.


Sever Shame Calus Automaton location

Ready to find one of the first Destiny 2 Calus Automan Locations? Let’s jump into the Sever Shame mission. Once you got that first Ritual Amplifier placed, get ready to squeeze through some tight pipes until you pop out in a mini room. Ignore that waypoint leading you left, instead, take a right turn and you’ll spot the crumpled up Calus Automaton chillin’ against a wall. Step up to it, and get ready to chat it up with the bot.

Sever Reconciliation Calus Automaton location

Guardians, in this mission you’ll need to proceed ahead until you reach the armory. Brace yourself, as you’ll be facing off against multiple waves of Cabal foes. After successfully defeating them, take a moment to observe a dialogue between Crow and the Nightmare of Uldren Sov. Upon completion, you’ll be tasked with flipping a pair of switches at one end of the hallway. After completing this objective, make a 180-degree turn and head to the opposite end of the corridor. The Calus Automaton will be waiting for you, ready for a relaxed conversation.

Sever Grief Calus Automaton location

Guardians, early on in this mission, you’ll come across a room that resembles a greenhouse, complete with lush green and pink flora. Continue along the walkway as it winds around. You’ll eventually reach the rear of a massive war beast, facing off against a significant enemy force. Take a quick glance to your right and you’ll spot the Calus Automaton, sitting in the water and propped up against a vent. Dispatch the opposing forces. Then make your way to the Automaton and it will initiate conversation with you.

Sever Forgiveness Automaton location

Advance through the mission as you normally would. You’ll soon come across a room occupied by Scorn that requires elimination. After purging the room of enemies, your objective will be to place the first Ritual Amplifier. Follow the on-screen prompts to the designated location, but hold off on actually placing it. Perform a full turn, and focus your gaze on the doorway directly behind you. Make your way down the corridor, and have a chat with the friendly Calus Automaton that awaits at the end.

Sever Rage Automaton location

Guardians, as you make progress through the mission and shortly after placing the first Ritual Amplifier, you’ll encounter an Unrelenting Nightmare in a confined room. As soon as you enter, direct your attention to the right and target the electrical conduit near the ceiling. Follow the wall in that direction towards the back of the room, where you’ll find an open door.

Ahead of you, you’ll see a prominent red pipe. Locate an opening and make your way behind it to a concealed hallway. On your right, you’ll find the Calus Automaton, poised and ready for a deep conversation.


Sever Resolve Automaton location

At the onset of the Sever-Resolve mission, you will initiate a descent and be joined by a duo of Cabal allies, who will lend support as you engage and eliminate a horde of Scorn. Ahead of you lies an open doorway, situated at the far end of the chamber. Proceed through the door and make a left turn. The Automaton awaits, ready to impart its latest monologue.

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