Honkai: Star Rail – Jing Yuan Ascension and Trace Materials


Ascend to new heights with Jing Yuan in Honkai: Star Rail! Our guide reveals the materials and traces needed to unlock Jing Yuan’s powerful Ascension form.

Jing Yuan is a 5 Star Lightning Character of the Erudition path who will make his debut in Honkai Star Rail during Phase 2 of the official launch. Jing Yuan Materials In Honkai: Star Rail is all set to make his debut as a playable character after we got a glimpse of him in the beta version of the game. Players will come across Jing Yuan in the Xianzhou Luofu.

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Players first meet Jing Yuan in the Xianzhou Luofu, where Jing Yuan presents an interesting idea to the trio after Yukong declines the Honkai: Star Rail Trailblazers’ offer to help with the Stellaron. Being a resident of Xianzhou Luofu, it should come as no surprise that Jing Yuan materials in Honkai: Star Rail center on the locale, where his boss and enemy drops may be found. When Jing Yuan arrives in version 1.0, there won’t be a weekly boss in Xianzhou Luofu, therefore he’ll be using the Doomsday Beast drops from Honkai: Star Rail, a foe that can be found in Herta Space Station.

JIng Yuan in Honkai Star Rail
Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan

About Jing Yuan

Jing Yuan is of the Erudition Path, which means he is used for Multi-target AOE damage and weaknesses bar breaking. He uses his lightning to attack and performs best against multiple enemies weak to lightning. Jing Yuan performs well in Multiplayer-target battled enemies with many weaker enemies. He is a perfect choice to put up against the weaker enemies as he can easily wipe them out.

You have to use Jing Yuan’s skill and upgrade him as much as possible to make him efficient for any battle in Honkai Star Rail. You have to maximize his potential to build Lightning-Lord Stacks to cause lightning damage to all the enemies surrounding you in the battle. These are his attacks so remember that when you choose your blessings in the simulated Universe of Hinkai Star Rail.

If you are using Jing Yuan as your DPS you should spend all your skill points and ally buffs on him to increase his attack, Critical Rate, and Crit Damage. Make sure to keep aside some skill points in your rotations to use it on him.

Based on the information we got from the Beta version of Honkai Star Rail, Jing Yuan would require at least seven stacks of Lightning-Lord to increase his attack potential.

Jing Yuan Materials In Honkai: Star Rail

Jing Yuan Basic Materials
Jing Yuan Basic Materials

Here is an overview of Jing Yuan Materials In Honkai: Star Rail and all materials that he should have equipped him to be his best self.

  • Enemy drop: Immortal Scionette/Aeroblossom/Lumintwig
  • Boss drop: Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staff
  • Trace materials: Key of Inspiration/Knowledge/Wisdom
  • Weekly boss drop: Destroyer’s Final Road

Jing Yuan Ascension Materials In Honkai: Star Rail

Jing Yuan Gameplay
Jing Yuan Gameplay

You need Ascension materials to upgrade Jing Yuan’s health, attack, defense, critical hit effectiveness, and other vital stats. You will require many Immortal Scionette and Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staff materials to upgrade his abilities.

LevelCreditEnemy DropBoss Drop
204,000Immortal Scionette x5
308,000Immortal Scionette x10
4016,000Immortal Aeroblossom x6Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staff x3
5040,000Immortal Aeroblossom x9Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staff x7
6080,000Immortal Lumintwig x6Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staff x20
70160,000Immortal Lumintwig x9Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staff x35
Total308000Immortal Scionette x15 Immortal Aeroblossom x15 Immortal Lumintwig x15Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staff x65
  • You can look for Immortal Aeroblossom from the same source as Scinoette at equilibrium level 2+.
  • Shapeshifter’s Lightning Shaft can be obtained at the Stargazer Navalia by farming the Stagnant Shadow and you can exchange material on Omni-Synthesize to get the material you want.

Honkai: Star Rail – Jing Yuan Trace Materials

Jing Yuan trace Materials
Jing Yuan trace Materials

If you want Yuan to be at his full potential you have to level up his attacks and get passive abilities. You can do so by using Trace materials which can vary from character to character.

Based on the data of the official beta version of Honkai Star Rail you will require several Key and Immortal Scionette materials to upgrade to his capabilities. Thus, here is a list of all Jing Yuan Trace you would require.

  • x11 Tracks of Destiny
  • x12 Destroyer’s Final Road
  • x18 Key of Inspiration
  • x42 Immortal Scionette
  • x56 Immortal Aeroblosson
  • x58 Immortal Lumintwig
  • x69 Key of Knowledge
  • x139 Key of Wisdom
  • 3 million Credits

The primary materials you would require for acquiring Traces include the Key of Inspiration and Immortal Scionette. It is also important to note that the factors for unlocking more traces can change according to higher rarity resources.

Location of Trace materials

  • Key of Inspiration: You can find the Key of Inspiration and it’s the rare version from the Rivet Town Calyx which is located within the Jarilo-VI.
  • Immortal Scionette: To find this you can use any Mara-Struck Soldiers at Cloudforr or Stargaze Navalia.

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