How to find Can Opener in Sons of the Forest



Here’s our Sons of the Forest guide with all the Can Opener item locations and ways to use them.

Sons of the Forest, the intense action and survival horror thriller game, has been launched via an early access version for PC via Steam. Sons of the Forest, from the makers of the Forest, Endnight Games, and Newnight has an ensemble of features and content that will never get you bored.  A sequel to the Forest has now been launched with high anticipation among gamers and fans. There are many features and you need to unlock various items and resources to complete the missions in Sons of the Forest. Can Opener is an essential item and you can find it in several locations on the map. The Can Opener item will also help you to open canned food items.

The can opener is majorly found across abandoned camps and other locations. You need to unlock the can opener to maximize your food items and consume them to gain more energy and stamina as you travel across the islands. To those who are looking for the best locations to find can opener and canned food, here is our Sons of the Forest guide with all can opener locations.

Can opener sons of the forest
Can Opener Locations

All Can Opener Locations in Sons of the Forest

Finding the can opener item is quite a difficult task and here are the best can opener locations in Sons of the Forest to help you consume more food items in the game.

  • Find it on rocks near the beach
  • Find them on the ground in the frozen lake and also in other snow regions like snowy mountains, and frozen ponds, you will find them after passing through caves and near the red colored tents
  • The other best locations to track can opener items are abandoned camps near the stun baton and shallow caves in the mountains

What’s Can Opener & How to Use Can Opener in Sons of the Forest?

As we already mentioned, the can opener items are only required to open and craft canned food items. You can use a can opener and canned food to craft cat food to manage your energy levels in the game. Get to the locations mentioned above and get can openers to craft more food items.

All the locations to find and get Can Opener in Sons of the Forest are shared. Unlock the can opener item and craft more canned food items to manage your hunger levels. We will come back with more Sons of the Forest guides and updates soon.

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