Genshin Impact Xiao Ascension and Talent Materials – Farming Guide


If you are looking for Xiao ascension materials or talent materials then you have arrived at the right place. Here is the complete farming guide.

Xiao is a character in the game Genshin Impact. He is a five-star Anemo (Wind) type character and is the first and only Adepti of the Guhua clan. His abilities revolve around his weapon, the Yaksha, which allows him to launch powerful Anemo attacks and chain them together for devastating damage. 

He also possesses a unique ability called “Lemniscatic Wind Cycling” which allows him to levitate and perform powerful Anemo-based attacks while in the air. Players can obtain Xiao by participating in the game’s Wish system or through the Banner. In this farming guide, let’s see Xiao ascension materials along with the talent materials.

Xiao Ascension Materials

Juvenile Jade

Juvenile Jade, a material used to level up characters, can be obtained by defeating the Primo Geovishap, a boss found in an underground cave in Tianqiu Valley, Liyue. To level up Xiao to level 90, players will need 46 Juvenile Jade, which can be obtained by defeating the GeoVishap. Each time the boss is defeated, it drops 2-3 Juvenile Jade materials at a resin cost of 40.

Qingxin Flower

The Qingxin Flower is a Liyue local specialty that can be found on mountain tops and high stone peaks. Players will require 168 Qingxin Flowers to level up Xiao to level 90. These flowers can be found in the wild, refreshing every 48 hours, as well as grown in Serenitea Pot and bought from Bubu Pharmacy.


Slimes are a common enemy in Genshin Impact and the materials dropped by them have various uses throughout the game. These enemies can be found in the three regions of Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma. In order to level up Xiao to level 90, players will need 18 Slime Condensate, 30 Slime Secretions, and 36 Slime Concentrate, all materials that can be acquired by slaying these enemies.

Vayuda Turquoise

Furthermore, leveling up Xiao to the maximum level requires a common crafting material for Anemo characters: Vayuda Turquoise, and a significant amount of Mora. This material can be obtained by defeating Normal Bosses like Duvalin, Anemo Hypostasis, and Magguu Kenki.


Xiao Talent Materials

To fully level up Xiao’s Talents, players must acquire specific resources from defeating Slimes: 18 Slime Condensate, 66 Slime Secretions, 93 Slime Concentrate, and Lieutenant’s Insignia.

Slimes are commonly found in areas near bodies of water and trees. They are most effectively defeated using elements that are opposite to theirs. To completely level up Xiao’s Talents, players need to acquire Prosperity Series, which are talent-level books that can be obtained by completing the domain of Taishan Mansion in Jueyun Karst, they refresh on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday. Players will need 9 Teachings of Prosperity, 63 Guide to Prosperity, 114 Philosophies of Prosperity.

Childe /Tartaglia

The Golden House is a location in the game Liyue, which serves as both a factory and a bank for the Mora currency. In order to complete the Trounce Domain in the game, players will be required to battle against a character named Childe Tartaglia. Upon defeat, Childe Tartaglia will drop an item called the Shadow of the Warrior. Additionally, another character in the game, named Xiao, needs 18 of these pieces in order to reach the maximum level of a Talent.

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