Harvestella Guide – 10 Things You Should Know


If you are new to Harvestella then you must take a look at the Harvestella Guide because it will help you to become better in the game.

Harvestella is one of the newest life simulation games out on the market. In the expansive world of the game’s universe, you can farm, fish, socialize, and experience the different seasons which you have to battle through. In short, there are lots of things you can do in this game.

Your primary task in this game would be to quest through the mysterious environment of this game and turn your homestead into a flourishing farm. Here are ten things in our Harvestella guide that you can use when playing this game. 

Do not go on an adventure without food 

Food is an essential part of survival in Harvestella. Exploring the expansive world in the game can be quite exhausting, given the scary beasts that lurk in the darkest corners. A big challenge comes in when you need to endure managing your stamina and HP. If you run out of both, you are in some deep trouble. 

In order to avoid such a situation, always carry some food before heading out for your adventure. Try cooking food and stock them up. While some food can heal and restore stamina, others can give you additional benefits like boosting attack power. 

Bait enemies

For beginners, Harvestella does not give you the ability to dodge during attacks straight away. While this ability is unlocked much later, players need to make do with the existing abilities through baiting enemies. Try baiting enemies away from each other and drawing them into positions where you can take them out one by one. 

Exploit enemy weakness

Next point in our Harvestella guide is very basic but important. Like any classic RPG game, exploiting enemy weaknesses is crucial in winning against them. Some elemental attributes and attack types can have a lasting impact on your foes. Be sure to utilize them effectively in the game. 

Repairs are worth the time and effort

As you go exploring the different areas in the game, you will find several areas where you could build ladders. However, doing so might consume you much time. Still, spending this time makes things easier for you as it opens a shortcut to help you get around places much easier. 

Again, when you travel to dungeons, you might encounter broken bridges as well. These bridges can be fixed as well and going to the other side after fixing the bridge can lead you to some interesting destinations or valuable rewards. 


Get the hammer as soon as possible 

It is one of your first tasks in Harvestella to get a hammer. Therefore, you can remove some debris from the farm. If necessary, you can take some time to gather the materials, but we recommend you get started as soon as possible. Clearing your field means you can go more crops and thus earn more money. 

Unlock Fishing 

In Harvestella, there are plenty of places to drop your lure and there are always places to fish. You’ll sometimes find more valuable treasures in the water than aquatic creatures that can be sold for decent money or cooked up for tasty treats!

Buy the kitchen counter

Add home improvements to your house by visiting the Renovator store in Lethe. Get the kitchen counter as soon as you can afford it. You can cook with ingredients you find and produce you grow.

There are many benefits to cooking. Making your own meals allows you to keep your stamina up throughout the day. In addition to keeping you alive while adventuring, it increases your friendship with other characters, especially if they ask for a specific meal, and it sells for a great price.

Experiment with seasonal produce 

Certain crops can only be grown and harvested during certain seasons. The Nemean Tomato, for instance, grows only during spring, whereas the Lumpotato is only harvested during winter. It’s worthwhile to grow at least some seasonal produce while you can, as it can give you some money as well as some unique meals.

Be a good friend 

The more relationships you build with the people you meet, the easier your life will be. Harvestella is a very social community and supports each other. Occasionally, characters will give you quests to complete, resulting in a closer relationship between you both. There are also character stories about important characters and battle allies.

Cut scene
Cut scene

Relax and enjoy the game

The days may go by, but Harvestella is not something you should hurry through. Following the introductory sections, you’re free to do whatever you want when you want.

If you want to take the day off from all the world-saving shenanigans and do something like tend your crops, fish, and chat with the locals, you absolutely can. It is also possible to dive straight into the next dungeon, bash some beasties, and reach Quietus’s bottom.

So this was the Harvestella guide. With the help of this guide, you can improve your gameplay.

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