Golazo Football Ultimate Team – Golazo Challenges Players to Score Legendary Goals in Football Ultimate Team


Golazo Football Ultimate Team is here and we are getting some of the greatest cards FC 24 has to offer.

Golazo loosely translated to a spectacular goal, and this is the best time to experience classic goals that these players have scored at their respective times. Golazo Football Ultimate Team consists of cards that reflect stats of specific players at times when they scored some of the best goals in the sport’s history.

EA FC 24 regularly releases cards for players to collect depending on the live stats, history, and magic moments in the world of football. Let us break down the Golazo Football Ultimate Team players in this article.

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EA FC 24 Cover

Golazo Football Ultimate Team Overview

There are 15 different cards available for players to obtain. Just because the Golazo Football Ultimate Team focuses on goals, does not mean that these players are forwards. On the other hand, since these players have scored amazing goals, their stats have been boosted reflecting their performance on that day. Let us break down these players.

Golazo Football Ultimate Team
Golazo Football Ultimate Team

Forwards- Golazo Football Ultimate Team

ForwardsPositionOverall RatingShooting Stat Rating
Johan CruyffCF9795
Al OwairanRW9388
Berbatov- IIST8989
Francescoli- ICF9192

Midfielders- Golazo Football Ultimate Team

MidfieldersPositionOverall RatingShooting Stat Rating
Bobby CharltonCAM9493
Xabi AlonsoCDM9386
Clint DempseyCAM8990

Defenders – Golazo Football Ultimate Team

DefendersPositionOverall RatingShooting Stat Rating
Ashley ColeLB9281
Kohler- ICB9281

Ultimate Team Cards Breakdown

The biggest tip in earning these players is to work hard and have enough coins to purchase them. On the other hand, if players are lucky, they have a chance to get these cards in packs that are attached to a probability factor. Please keep in mind that these cards are going to be very rare and expensive in the market so make sure to think twice before making a transaction.

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Ultimate Team Art

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What is the release date of EA FC 24?

This game was released on the 29th of September 2023.

What genre is EA FC 24?

EA FC 24 is a sports simulation game focusing on football as a sport.

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