Goddess of Victory Nikke Modernia Co-op Battle Guide



Do you want to win the Goddess of Victory Nikke Modernia Co-op battle? Scroll down to find the best counters and strategies to best the Modernia boss in NIKKE.

There have been many new events in Goddess of Victory Nikke. After the Maid in Valentine event, it’s time for the Perfect Maid event as Nikkes have lots of challenges for Valentine’s week. Completing new tasks rewards resources and new limited-time Nikke banners as well. The co-op mode battle event has returned to Nikke for the valentine’s day week.

Co-operative battles in Goddess of Victory Nikke are exciting as you can join with 4 Nikkes and challenge yourselves against a mighty Rapture boss. The new co-op battle in NIKKE is available from the lobby event, Coordinated Operation.  For this co-op battle, players have to tussle against Nikke Modernia. 

The Coordinated Operation event in Goddess of Victory Nikke will be available till 18 February, 2024. The objective for this co-op battle is to defeat a Tyrant-class Rapture. Here’s all about the NIKKE co-op battle along with tricks and tips to defeat the Nikke Modernia boss.

Goddess of Victory Nikke Modernia Co-op Battle Tips

Modernia is an SSR Nikke and she deals fire damage. This fire element Nikke belongs to the Burst Type – III. Modernia uses the Machine Gun called New Dawn. Beating this elite boss of the Heretic Squad is possible with the strongest party.

Nikke Modernia is vulnerable against Wind, Electric and Water type characters. Modernia is also an attacker and you can deploy the best dubuffers and healers to your squad to dampen her defense.

Goddess of victory Nikke Modernia

Modernia is a huge machine-like boss and she’s a top-tier DPS. Modernia attacks fast and excels in AoE. She emits powerful energy beams and projectiles. The best strategy to beat Nikke Modernia in this co-op battle is to attack her core and then focus on her missile launchers. Modernia deals heavy damage and can stun your whole squad with her skill.

Best Team to Counter Modernia in NIKKE

The best units to counter Modernia for this Goddess of Victory Nikke co-op battle are D, Ade, Diesel and Maiden. Here’s how you can use these Nikke’s skills and win the challenge against mighty Modernia,

  • Ade – The new limited-time Nikke is a strong SSR Wind unit. She’s the best burst damage skills to counter Nikke Modernia. Use Ade’s passive skills and enhance her HP constantly
  • Maiden – Maiden can stun Modernia and deal heavy electric damage. Maiden’s passive skills apply the taunt effects and this can make Modernia vulnerable for a short time. Her burst skill boosts crit damage and ATK as well
  • Diesel – Diesel works well in the Full Burst state. Diesel uses a heavy machine gun and you can utilize her skills and enhance her ATK
  • D – D deals massive damage in the Full Burst mode. D is one of the strongest attackers and her Submachine Gun will be your best option to counter Modernia’s attacks.

That’s everything you need to know about beating the Goddess of Victory Nikke Modernia Co-op Battle challenge.

Is Goddess of Victory Nikke Free-to-play?

Yes, Goddess of Victory Nikke is a free-to-play gacha mobile game. It’s available for Android, iOS and PC as well. Explore the fantasy world with Nikkes and embark on your journey in the magical world. Nikkes have to join together and defeat the mighty Raptures.

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