The God Of War Ragnarok Crafting guide has lots of tips and tricks for you that will help you to improve your game and become better.

The war to end all wars is near Kratos and Atreus in God of War Ragnarok, leaving them few options but to embark on a quest to discover how to avert it–or at the very least to survive it. There will be some challenges ahead of you, but we trust you’re up for it. 

Make sure you’re prepared for this new adventure with the duo and their ever-expanding cast of companions before setting out. With the help of crafting, you will become stronger. Read the God of War Ragnarok crafting tips and tricks below.


Brok and Sindri will help you

There will be times when you will need just a few more items of a certain category. If this is the case, make sure Brok and Sindri don’t sell it in bulk in their smithy shop. You might need to dig it up from a dead monster, but as you advance through the game, the shop inventory evolves, so you might be able to find what you’re looking for and they may be willing to sell it to you in one package.


The idea of crashing into something in a boat or sled normally means you’re having a bad time, but Kratos and company can handle it. Even better, they should take it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the water or sledding through Fimbulwinter, you’ll always find debris to crash into, which nets you small amounts of Hacksilver and resources. It isn’t much on its own, but it adds up over time.

Sell your old armor

Early-game armor can be taken, upgraded repeatedly, and then never removed. That’s one option. The retired armor, makes for a great item to sell to Brok and Sindri when you switch things up. Don’t let your armor and other crafted items rust in your inventory. Trade them in like a cell phone. They buy armor and other crafted items you no longer want for a decent chunk of Hacksilver.

Armor sets are the best

There are three pieces to your armor: your chest, wrists, and belt. It is designed for RPG fans. When these are matched, you’ll stack buffs. If you have just one strong armor piece in your mind, you’ll get 20% more damage. Matching armor is not just for aesthetics.



When your armor is constantly changing, one of the features players enjoy most is transmogrification. It is a fancy way to make your gear look like something else while maintaining the benefits of the original gear. Those of you who like Kratos’ bare shoulders might prefer a high-defense armor set, which typically covers his entire upper body in shiny metal. Transmogration allows you to look one way and play another.

Get resources

Early in the adventure, you’ll find a Muspelheim seed half, and you’ll need the other half in order to unlock it. Muspelheim is home to The Crucible, a combat arena that awards precious resources for success. If you’re trying to earn the Platinum Trophy, it’s important to spend some time there.

During the game, you’ll discover the importance of Frozen Flame and Chaos Flame, which upgrade your axes and blades respectively. You will think to farm them when you learn about their importance early on. Unfortunately, you can’t actually farm them. If you complete all Draugr Holes, you’ll be able to find fragments of these items which will collectively give you more upgrades, but these items will appear at specific times outside of that.

Follow the God of War Ragnarok crafting tips and tricks and slay down the enemies.

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