Fortnite Reality Seeds – Locations, and How To Summon Reality Saplings

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Want to know everything about Fortnite Reality Seeds? In this guide, you will learn everything about it and also about the rewards you will get.

Fortnite has a new item for the players and it is Reality Seeds. The reality seeds allow you to prepare a bounty for the next time you go on the island. The reality seeds are available in different rarities. These reality seeds further sprout into Reality Saplings. From these saplings, you can get various weapons and items. 

If you do not know anything about the Fortnite Reality Seeds then do not worry you are at the right place. Our guide will tell you the Reality Seeds locations and also how to summon the Reality Saplings.

Reality Seeds
Reality Seeds (YouTube)

Fortnite Reality Seeds

Thanks to the new loot mechanic, you can get a lot of rewards. The Reality Tree can be used to obtain reality seeds, which can then be planted anywhere on the map. By weeding the grown sapling after it has been planted, you can collect the loot. When you weed the fully grown Reality Sapling, you’ll get the loot. Furthermore, as you progress, the quality of the loot will improve. As a result, you’ll have to return to it in subsequent matches. You’ll be able to see them on the map once they’ve been planted.

Fortnite Reality Seeds location

The best location to find the Reality Seeds are near the Reality Tree itself. You will find the Reality Tree in the middle of the new Biome that is introduced in Fortnite Season 3 of Chapter 3.  

Finding the tree is also not a difficult task as you will see the tree from a distance because it is big and you will see it at the east of where Camp Cuddle used to be. You can also find it at the new POI called Reality Falls, which is located west of Tilted Towers. Once you reach there, look for a big pink bulb that will have blue light coming out of it. This is the Reality Seed you were looking for.

How To Summon Reality Saplings

First, you will need to know that you will have to destroy a seed pod, and inside of that is the reality seed. You will get three reality seeds from a single pod. Once you equip the reality seed, press the fire button. Press the button by aiming the in the direction you want to plant it. Once you have planted the seed, go to your match. 

Break the pod to get the reality seeds
Break the pod to get the reality seeds (YouTube)

Going into the match is very important because the reality seed will grow into a reality sapling once you are in the match. You can take the loot once the reality seed turns into a reality sapling. You must also take care of your Reality Seed by weeding around it; otherwise, you will be unable to obtain any useful weapons. 


As we said that there are different rarities of reality seeds. Therefore, it means that the rewards will also be given according to their rarity.

  • The Rare rarity will reward you with 1x Rare Combat SMG, x6 Uncommon Small Shield Potion, x10 Common Bars, and x1 Uncommon Reality Seed.
  • With the Epic rarity, you will get x1 Epic Ranger AR, x3 Uncommon Small Shield Potion, x1 Rare Shield Potion, and x15 Common Bars.
  • Legendary rarity rewards you with x1 Legendary DMR Sniper Rifle, x6 Uncommon Small Shield Potion, x1 Rare Shield Potion, and x20 Common Bars.
  • The Mythic rarity will reward you with x1 Mythic Stinger SMG, x12 Rare Chug Splash, x1 Rare Shield Potion, x30 Common Bars, and x1 Uncommon Reality Seed.

So, this is everything you need to know about Fortnite Reality Seeds. Plant the seeds and enjoy amazing rewards.

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