How to Complete the Fortnite Train Heist?



Struggling to complete the Fortnite Train Heist quest? Then, you should follow these tips.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 has unleashed some new features. Apart from the highly anticipated Racing mode, the makers have added Trains to islands. Players can spot trains on maps and go on rides. Going on trains will be a new experience and you can find unlimited loot as well. The Fortnite weekly bonus goals are out. There’s a quest where you have to land on trains and complete a heist.

Finding trains in Fortnite is very easy as they simply show up on maps. Locations like Forest Station, Reckless Railways, Snooty Steppes, Grand Station, and Classy Courts are the top spots to find trains. Train Heist is an exciting challenge and for this task, you have to eliminate opponents and complete looting. Once the task is complete, you have to complete another objective as well. Here’s how you can complete a successful Train Heist in Fortnite.

Fortnite Train Heist Quest Guide

Completing Train Heist is a simple challenge. While you are inside the battle bus, look for a better spot to land on the train. You can land on the front side to gain an initial advantage. After jumping off the battle bus, immediately look for weapon caches inside the train to activate them. Weapons like infantry rifle  are always effective to counter enemies.

Fortnite train heist
Treasure chest on train

With weapons, you can eliminate opponents who land on the train. After knocking down enemies, you can hack the treasure chest and loot other exclusive items as well. Heisting is all about looting resources and an interaction with the chests will complete the job. You can hack chests and loot items until the progress is complete.

IMG 20231204 165512

Once you complete the heisting part, another task awaits in the floating island. You will automatically spawn in Floating Island. Use the quest item and ascend the higher levels. Stand near flags until the timer ends. Once you capture the point near a flag, the second part of the quest will be completed. The Loot Island will also be shown on the map, so it’s easy to spawn there and complete the task.

After this, the questline will be completed. Once you complete the Train Heist and claim the Floating Island, 30k XP will be added to your account. You can use XP to level up fast in the game’s battle pass.

IMG 20231204 165437
Med kit

That’s everything you need to know about completing the Train Heist in Fortnite. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.


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Are there chests on Fortnite Trains?

Yes, you can land on trains across Fortnite islands. While you land on a train, you can unlock treasure chest rewards, defeat enemies and perform actions. You can easily spot trains on maps.

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