Best Maps to Farm XP in Fortnite Chapter 5



Which are the best maps to Farm XP in Fortnite Chapter 5? Discover the top 10 XP glitch maps for Fortnite Chapter 5.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 has tons of challenges and bonus goals. The weekly kickstart quests and bonus tasks are out. Players can accumulate tons of XP by completing these missions. With more XP, you can level your Fortnite battle pass and unlock new cosmetics. The OG maps have been removed already making way for new biomes and maps.

Fortnite Underground season features new locations as you can explore terrains, snowy and tundra biomes. Some maps in Fortnite creative offer tons of xp. Even you can do xp glitch in some AFK maps of Fortnite. Exploring Fortnite Creative mode is the best way to rake in unlimited XP. So, find the best maps to Farm XP in Fortnite Chapter 5.

Top 10 best maps to Farm XP in Fortnite Chapter 5

Fortnite creative maps grant unlimited XP. You can complete battles, solve puzzles and simply grab xp by eliminating opponents. The best maps to Farm XP in Fortnite Chapter 5 Underground season are,

best maps to Farm XP in Fortnite Chapter 5
Creative map in Fortnite

Mega – Red vs Blue – 3414-2215-4422

This is one of the best PvP creative maps in Fortnite. You can respawn infinite teams after getting knocked out. There’s also an option to practice before engaging in battles. Explore this map before the xp glitch stops. There are lots of xp buttons, trees, balloons and houses. Interact with buttons and start amassing thousands of XP every minute.

Art 1v1 – 7873-5299-1905

This map offers more than 1000 xp per second. Once you get to this island, you will find a gaming device inside. Again, you have to input another code which is ‘9474-3425-1277’. You will be teleported to new rooms. You can either look for enemies or trigger the emote menu. Stand for a second and then you will be teleported to another room. You can start grabbing xp from trees, walls and small houses.

IMG 20231205 131150
Xp maps

OG 1v1 – 9812-4997-3184

Once you land on the map, pick the grappler. You will find many buildings, towers and wooden ramps. Simply explore all spots and use your weapons and start picking weapons. You can create many floors and start interacting with buttons. The map offers more than 70k xp for the first 2 levels. This is one of the best maps to Farm XP in Fortnite Chapter 5.

OG’s Winter Gun Game – 3104-8786-2591

Enter this map in private game mode and spawn in a random area. This Fortnite map offers an insane XP glitch, so you have to travel everywhere. You will find XP gift boxes near the prison factory and towers. Now, you have to initiate the timer and then activate AFK xp glitch. That’s it, you can start running and collect all xp inside the zone. There are thousands of XP near christmas trees, mushrooms, bridges and gift boxes. So, utilize the opportunity and farm unlimited XP here.

IMG 20231205 131135
Creative map location

OG 1v1 FFA – 0528-5858-1317

This 1v1 map immediately takes you to the Weapon Vault. Now, you can teleport to the other spot after bringing in the emote tab. Once the timer ends, you will be taken to a yacht. Here, you can start farming unlimited XP as there will be lots of XP buttons. You will start to teleport to new secret rooms and locations. Break the objects and start accumulating unlimited xp.

Infinite 1V1 Build Fights – 9661-8802-9603

Thus Infinite Build map offers plenty of ways to farm unlimited XP. You can start attacking opponents and continue to loot XP and weapons. You can interact with buttons, trees and gifts to collect thousands of XP. The XP glitch in this Fortnite map is still active, so spawn here in private mode and get away with your rewards.

OG 1v1 Build Fights- 4478-4765-7802 

Land inside the map and start building ramps. Increase its floors to spawn xp buttons. Now, you will be teleported to areas with stars, gifts and trees in the galaxy. Again you can get inside the secret room and start breaking buttons to farm more than 50,000 XP.

1v1 Build Fights Pro – 0950-0586-5812

Once you spawn inside the room, you can start building ramps. You can start from any end and place more floors as you walk. You will spawn near Balloons, Palm Trees, Christmas Trees, Mountains and Beaches. Start building ramps and grab those floating xp. This map offers more than 500,000 XP right now and it’s one of the best xp farming maps for Fortnite Chapter 5.

1v1 Christmas Wars – 2410-1584-0608

This 1v1 map has lots of buildings. You can start a private match and spawn inside the secret room first. Get through the door on your left and walk towards the right side. You will spot a huge Christmas tree. Interact with the xp button and claim your xp. Next, there’s a mini-game against chickens. Once the timer ends, you can eliminate chickens and accumulate more xp. This is also one of the best maps to Farm XP in Fortnite Chapter 5.

1v1 Build Fight Galaxy – 0018-9743-9294

As you enter the map, start climbing on ramps. There will be lots of XP buttons and you will easily farm more than 400,000 xp here. Then you can enter the grassy areas and start looting xp near small houses. You can find nearby barrels, towers, beds and containers.

These are the best xp farming maps in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1. The XP glitch is available and you can level up quickly by exploiting this insane afk XP glitch right now.


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How to Farm Unlimited XP in Fortnite?

To level up in Fortnite, you have to accumulate tons of XP. The best ways to farm dp are to play weekly quests, explore creative islands and take part in events. Fortnite Creative maps have plenty of locations where you can simply interact with xp buttons and earn unlimited XP.

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