All New Fortnite Augments in Chapter 5 Season 1



Which are the best Fortnite Augments in Chapter 5 Season 1? Scroll down and find them here.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1, the latest edition has brought in unexpected content and features. The major highlights of the current chapter are Trains, Music Festival, Lego, and Racing mode. Players can ride on trains and loot rewards from opponents. Also, you can enter the Lego-themed open world and meet new Lego characters. There have been new augments as well.

Reality Augments are gameplay mechanics for Battle Royale. Augments are buffs and they grant various bonus stats like increased movement speed, high damage and extra shields. With the latest Fortnite patch update, new Augments are added to the game. The Fortnite Underground season has more than 20 reality augments. You can use these perks and utilize its effects during a match. Here are all Fortnite Chapter 5 reality augments and their effects.

Fortnite augments in chapter 5 season 1

Best Fortnite Augments in Chapter 5 Season 1

Fortnite Augments provide a massive buff to your characters. Here are the best reality augments to consume in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1,

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Snow biome 8j Fortnite
  • Soothing Slap – Use a healing consumable item and gain slap energy effects
  • Flow Finder – This unlocks Splash of Flow while you open containers. It also grants a Blowberry Fizz
  • Light Flow Bullets – Use weapons with light ammo and it immediately grants low gravity status effects
  • Water Rifter – This augment rifts you into the air while swimming in a fishing area
  • Balloon Fall – Falling from a higher altitude grants balloon immediately.
  • Ninja Training – Your movement speed is increasing while performing the crouching action 
  • Marksman Headshots – The damage stats for Marksman Rifle increases with this augment 
  • Lacer Precision – Use weapons with Laser Mod to increase headshot damage
  • Gun Game – Eliminate enemies and unlock an exclusive weapon while you use this augment
  • Foodie – Consuming Forageable grants a movement buff for unlimited matches 
  • Snowy Speed – The augment grants icy speed while running and sliding on every biome
  • Shield Suppressor – Use weapons with suppressors to boost your damage against enemies with shields. The augment also rewards a weapon with a suppressor mod
  • Extended Mag – This augment increases magazine capacity for all types of weapons
  • Dragon Armory – The augment grants Dragon’s Breath Shotgun and Flame Bow
  • Jump Time – Jump Time grants sprint jump for a single match 
  • Ammo Drop –  This provides extra Ammo. You can eliminate opponents to gain more ammo as well 
  • Magazine Munitions – Reload your weapon with a drum mag to increase your ammo. It also provides an extra rare weapon
  • Agile Mending – Increase your mobility while using healing items. You can use all types of consumables to get these effects 

These are the best augments to use in Fortnite Chapter 5. Every augment grants perks to players. You can utilize these effects and win challenges easily.

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All New Fortnite Augments in Chapter 5 Season 1 4


Can you get treasure loot on Fortnite Trains?

Yes, you can land on trains across Fortnite islands. While you land on a train, you can unlock treasure chest rewards, defeat enemies and perform actions. You can easily spot trains on maps.

What is Fortnite Lego?

Fortnite Lego is a new survival and crafting game mode. Fortnite Lego adventure takes you to a unique world where there are hundreds of Lego characters. Also, in the Lego game mode, all skins will be Lego-themed. There are new Lego NPCs and lots of mini-games in the Fortnite Lego game mode.

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