Football Manager 2023 Mobile vs PC – Key Feature Differences


If you are looking for Football Manager 2023 Mobile vs PC, then you are at the right place. Here are the key feature differences.

The Football Manager 2023 video game is part of the Football Manager series developed by Sports Interactive. If you are a football fan and love to manage the team and lots of other things then this game is just perfect for you. 

Football Manager 2023 is available and there are lots of things that you can do in it. The game is available for mobile as well as PC. In this article, we are going to talk about Football Manager 2023 Mobile vs PC where we will differentiate it with key feature differences.

Football Manager 2023 Mobile vs PC: PC Key Features

Champions League

The Champions League, Europa League, and Europa Conference League will be featured in Football Manager, along with official logos, thanks to a licensing agreement with UEFA. The Champions League anthem, kit logos, and official trophies in the trophy lift scenes will make these competitions even more like real life. They existed in the game before but under different, unofficial names. The Super League will not be there.

Supporter confidence

For many years, Football Manager has been known for its strong supporter confidence, but some changes have been made with Football Manager 2023. In this year’s edition, there will be six types of supporter profiles. The categories are Hardcore, Core Family, Fair Weather, Corporate, and Casual. Journalists will pay closer attention to how your followers see you and keep a pulse on how events are being discussed on social media.


In Football Manager 2023, recruitment has been revamped once again. With the Squad Planner, you can plan your team and identify areas that need to be improved as part of management. Based on your players’ development stage, the Experience Matrix divides them into four categories: developing, emerging, peak, and experienced.

Additionally, agents are increasingly engaged in a variety of ways, opening the door for higher degrees of involvement and laying the framework for contract talks.

Manager Timeline

By noting the key moments of a manager’s career, the Dynamic Manager Timeline enhances their biography. Featuring more than 50 ‘event’ types, your biography will depict your relationships with coaches and players as well as your title wins.


Football Manager 2023 Mobile vs PC: Mobile Key Features

Team Talks

You’ll be able to clearly communicate your management style to your team with Team Talks’ Mobile series. Available pre-match and during half-time, you’ll be the difference maker when your team needs you most. In addition to praising or criticizing your players individually, you can also pass on valuable messages if your star striker has delivered a world-class performance or your goalkeeper seems a little shaky.

The reaction screen will also display your players’ initial response after you chat with them, and post-match media items will also show their reaction to the team talk. A Team Talk is a great way to represent your managerial ethos in FM23 Mobile, whether you’re a boss who prefers a hairdryer or an arm around the shoulder.


It is designed to assist you in developing future Wonderkids at your club. When younger players appear on the revamped Youth Intake screen, you have the option of bringing them on board or not. Once the players have been loaned out, you can receive enhanced feedback throughout their stint from your backroom staff if it’s time for them to get some experience elsewhere.

You can also select one of your players to mentor a prospect through their growth using the improved mentoring system.


FM23 Mobile will offer fully licensed UEFA Club Competitions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. It will be a real pleasure to lead your side to glory in the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europa Conference League and UEFA Super Cup as your matchday branding will reflect the excitement of big European nights. As you await your fate, live, authentic draws will also give you an immersive experience with UEFA Club Competitions.


This year, FMFC, the exclusive member’s club, is included in the Mobile series for the first time. Three challenges are available to FMFC members who can log in and get access to exclusive free game modes, including Unrest at Home, You Can’t Win Anything with Kids, and The Dangers of Capitalism. FMFC users can also choose their national team from the game start.


Football Manager 2023 Mobile vs PC: Conclusion

Both Platforms are amazing in their own way and the features are just on another level when compared to the levels of both platforms. While the features on the PC version are not something extraordinary. On the other hand, there are many new features included in the Mobile version which were not there before. 

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