Why was Dilbert cancelled? What did it’s creator do?


During the live YouTube feed, the creator of Dilbert made several racist remarks that caused the comics to be cancelled in various locations.

Due to the author of the “Dilbert” cartoon posting a racist tirade on YouTube, the cartoon has been removed from a number of US publications.

In reaction to a study conducted by a conservative organisation that claimed to reveal that many African Americans do not believe it is acceptable to be white, Scott Adams referred to Black people as a “hate group.” They advised white people to “stay the heck away from Black people.”

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Why was Dilbert cancelled? What did it's creator do? 2

Scott Adams said in his live YouTube video that “If nearly half of all Blacks are not OK with white people … that’s a hate group. And I don’t want to have anything to do with them.”

What responses did Scott Adams, the author of Dilbert, get from various news channels?

As a result of Scott Adams’ remarks, the Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, and Washington Post all announced on Saturday that they were discontinuing Dilbert. The cartoon will no longer be published by the USA Today Network, which consists of more than 300 local media sites across 43 states, according to a statement from Gannett, the biggest publisher of American newspapers.

“Recent discriminatory comments by the creator, Scott Adams, have influenced our decision to discontinue publishing his comic. While we respect and encourage free speech, his views do not align with our editorial or business values as an organization,” Gannett said in a statement.

The decision to discontinue the comic strip, according to Chris Quinn, an executive at Cleveland’s The Plain Dealer newspaper, was not “tough.” He said,“We are not a home for those who espouse racism. We certainly do not want to provide them with financial support. Until we decide what to replace Dilbert with, you’ll likely see a gray box where it has been appearing.”

The Los Angeles Times claimed in a statement that it had taken four Dilbert cartoons from its pages in recent months due to their not meeting its standards.“Cartoonist Scott Adams made racist comments in a YouTube livestream [on 22 February], offensive remarks that the Times rejects.”

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