Endless Dungeon Release Date, Gameplay, Pre-order Perks, and more


The Endless Dungeon release date right is around the corner and here is everything you need to know including all the gameplay details and all the pre-order perks.

Endless Dungeon is all set to be released soon and here is the release date of the game along with other details. If you are a fan of dungeon games and adventures buckle up as Endless Dungeon lets you explore many dungeons in space. You have to choose from several heroes and fight against the waves of enemies, grab loot, and upgrade your arsenal. Ever since Endless Dungeons has been announced fans have not been able to hold back their curiosity to know about the game

Endless Dungeon Overview

Endless Dungeon Gameplay

Endless Dungeon is a rogue-lite tactical-based game. The game is developed by the same team SEGA who created the game Dungeon of the Endless. It is a top-down twin-stick shooter genre and you will be facing many humanoids, aliens, cyborgs, and other extraterrestrial species as your enemy. As you fight your way through the enemies to reach the core you will have to protect your crystals along the way. As your progress through the game, you will unlock new weapons, and heroes, and as the story progresses you will also unravel new mysteries and challenges making your game even more challenging. In this upcoming Dungeon game, you have to gather a team or head alone into the vast abandoned space station. It’s up to you if you are willing to go solo or with your friends.

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Endless Dungeon Release Date, Gameplay, Pre-order Perks, and more 4

The release date of Endless Dungeon was long due and here are the answers to all your questions that you have been having for a long time now.

Endless Dungeon Release Date

Endless Dungeon has officially announced its release date. It is all set to roll out on May 18, 2023. This summer you will have an exciting Dungeon awaiting you in the virtual world of space, so get ready for it.

Endless Dungeon Platforms

The Dungeon game is set to be released on multiple platforms. Here are all the platforms it is going to be released on.

  • Nintendo Switch
  • PC
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series

Endless Dungeon Pre-order Details

Endless Dungeon Pre-order is now available on PC and consoles. If you pre-order ‘Last Wish’ now you will get 48 hours of early access to the game before its official release and exclusive digital items like a soundtrack of Lera Lynn and Arnaud Roy. Along with these the Perks also includes a digital art book, the Pioneer Elite that has a skin pack, and much more.

The players who pre-order the Last Wish Digital Edition on PC will get access to the Final Rodeo OpenDev, which is open from 30th January and the closed beta before launch. Pre-orders and release on Nintendo Switch will be released at a later date.

Last Wish Edition endless dungeon
Last Wish Edition

For those who are looking for a physical version of these Perks, there is a Day One Edition available for Pre-order. This includes a physical version of the art book, the Crystal Search card game, and digital items like the soundtrack and skin packs. However, it’s important to note that the physical version does not include OpenDev, Closed Beta, or even early access. You can choose whichever versions you like from the Endless Dungeon store.

So head on to the Endless Dungeon official site to pre-order the game and get access to all of these Perks, including early access to the game before its release.

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