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Divine Knockout is a fun game with simple controls. But if you are a beginner here is our Divine Knockout guide with some tips and tricks.

Divine Knockout is now the property of Hi-Rez Studios after being under the MOBA genre for the longest time. In this version, you will be playing ss gods and fighting in 3D fighting modes. Instead of standard health bars, you will hit your enemies to develop their percentage, and you will throw them off the map. In this game, the basic goal is to rise above the other competitors by violently and quickly knocking out opponents. In an endlessly addicting battle, the game pits gods against gods. The emphasis is on multiplayer, the creative divine lineup, and the abundance of various stages combine to produce a delightful gaming circle that will keep players coming back for more.

Divine Knockout is a 3v3 TPS multi-player game and is currently available free of cost on Epic Games’ official site. Each character in this game has its own special abilities and weapons, so it’s advised to find the best one for you. So here is our Divine Knockout Beginner’s Guide to help you with the game if you are a newbie.

Divine Knockout Beginners Guide

Here is a complete guide to follow as a beginner to make your way to victory in Divine Knockout.

Build your loadout


Players often think they can just start playing the game anytime and create the loadout at that time. But if you are new to this game it’s advised that you create your loadout beforehand. Choose the gods from the option at the top of the screen, select the character you want to play with, and then choose the Talents tab.

You have to use three Talent sets to create three options for the game modes:3v3, 2v2, and even 1v1. In 3v3 you can collect some talents that can help you in groups. You can work on 1v1 more to train for the other two modes. You can test all the modes to polish your gameplay flexibly.

Plan your attacks


This game requires attacking the opponent and defeating them using your special abilities. That does not mean you are one who should make your moves first you can instead wait for the enemy to attack, know their powers, and then make a move accordingly. In this game, there is a moment called end-lag where the character is locked in an ending animation to their move. This attack would let you know when the opponent is vulnerable and then you can use your attack at the right time.

Utilize the stage to your advantage

Throw you opponents divine knockout
Throw you opponents

You are surrounded by a deep fall if you lose the game, thus it’s vital that you use the stage wisely and have good spatial awareness to stay alive. It is not only for your safety but you can use this space to even push your enemies down. You have to make sure that the enemy is in a tight situation that forces them to stand at the edge to push them out and off the battle arena. This would force the enemy to use their attacks, movement skills, and abilities to get back into their area. This would give you time to use your full pressure or force the enemy into cool-down mode.

Learn to balance on the edge of Glory

divine knockout guide
Don’t fall off the edge

Playing should be aware of where they are standing to be safe from falling. Players should be aware of the space and should be aware of every corner of the edge so that even if they come to the edge of the stage they can use their fighting skills and the edge to their advantage to defeat the enemy and get back on the stage.

Discover the character’s attack

Divine Knockout Guide
Divine Knockout Guide

Every character in DoK has a unique attack and it is important that you are aware of every character’s features. Every character has 4 movesets features which are

  • Two light attacks
  • Two heavy attacks
  • Dodge
  • Special capability

Once you are aware of the movements of all the characters you will be able to create combos of attacks to use against your enemies.

Practice in the Training Mode

Training Mode
Training Mode

The game doesn’t highlight it but you can try your hands with every God in the game through Training mode. You can find this mode in the practice tab and then select the training mode. Players don’t need to be at high levels to try out different gods in this mode.

You can get into this mode after you finish the tutorial mode and see what each God has to offer. To try out all the gods you will have to purchase it so it could take a while.

For instance, If you like Athena and you don’t like Ymir. Then you buy Athena and wait to unlock Ymir. You can keep a track of all gods and add them in order and see what every God’s special ability is.

Utilize Recovery ability in the last

Every champion has a recovery ability that they can use to return to the stage from where they left. This ability has a long cooldown period, thus it’s advisable that you use this ability only when you cannot get back to the arena. If you use them otherwise the enemy will knock you out from the stage if you don’t have the recovery aid handy.

You can try to jump back to the stage and dodge it and use a light attack. After you use your light attack and you are starting to fall you can now push your attack slightly toward the hard level.

Save your special ability

Special Ability
Special Ability

Your ultimate ability takes time to recharge so you can hold on to it for the end attack and use it at the right moment. If you want to use your special ability you can play aggressively and use your other attacks rapidly at the enemy immediately. The enemy will be forced to dodge it so wait for it and then use your ultimate ability with full force to attack.

Make a run when needed

Divine Knockout Guide
Dodge if necessary

As your percentage increases you will get knocked out more frequently. In such situations, you will need to maintain a far distance from your enemy to continue to stay on the edge until your special moves are activated again. Enemies are capable of interrupting your attack so you can just dodge them and make a run instead of wasting your special energy at the wrong time. Once the enemy is vulnerable and losing their strength you can attack with one of your abilities.

Use your Dodge wisely

Every God has a default dodge that they can use to defend against enemy attacks When you dodge the opponent’s attack properly you will see a message appear on the screen displaying dodge. The dodge has a three-second cooldown, so you can’t reuse it within this time limit again. You can keep using your dodge until you feel the right time has come to attack your enemy with your special power.

Most people make the mistake of using their special attack to dodge the enemy at the start itself. You can save up your dodge and use it to get back on the stage. Your enemy will try to edge-guard you, so use your dodge wisely and make a comeback.

Divine Knowckout may seem complicated after seeing all this procedure, especially when you are facing some experienced players. The game is all about the experience to get comfortable with the different gods and their dodges. So if you are a beginner you can keep practicing and enhancing your skills to do your best.

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