There are lots of things that you need to understand about the Destiny 2 Elemental Light. We have explained everything to you.

An elemental well mod is called Elemental Light. You can buy Elemental Light for 3 Mod components from the War Table. It sells two random mods every week. Picking up the Elemental Well grants you energy for the ability that has the lowest current energy. It grants energy to all your abilities when you pick up an elemental well whose element matches the damage type of your subclass. 

When you defeat a combatant with the Super, you spawn an elemental well corresponding to the power type of your subclass. We have explained the Destiny 2 Elemental Light below so read it carefully to understand it in a better way. 

Elemental light
Elemental light

Elemental Well

In Destiny 2, Season of the Chosen introduced the Combat Style mod mechanic elemental wells. Similar to the Charged with Light mechanic, players can equip armor mods that alter the benefits these wells grant, including increased Intellect or weapon damage. These mods can be obtained from a variety of vendors at the H.E.L.M.

It is a small orb that grants ability energy upon being grabbed. A well appears for the entire fire team when spawned when a player spawns it. They behave similarly to Orbs of Power, resting on the ground for a lengthy period before despawning. In addition to being instanced, Elemental Wells are truly yours when you see them on the screen. Each ally receives a unique instanced Wells.

What are the effects?

In order to gain 10% ability energy, players need to have the lowest current energy to use their ability. Upon grabbing a well-matching player’s subclass element, he will gain 10% ability energy to all abilities (grenade, melee, and class abilities). It will spawn after 20 seconds. The compatible components are Arc, Solar, Void, and Stasis.

Elemental light
Elemental light

Destiny 2 Elemental Light

As we have already said earlier, the Destiny 2 Elemental Light is one of the Elemental Well mods. An elemental well that matches the energy type of your subclass is created after you defeat a fighter with your super. It costs only one energy and its Affinity is Universal. Its effect is that it Super kills spawn Elemental Wells.

In the same way as other well-generating mods, Elemental Light only generates an elemental well once every few seconds. For your Super to be able to generate an elemental well, he or she must damage enemies.

Some Supers don’t work properly. One of them is Shadowshot. Wells will only appear in direct arrow hits and explosions brought on by defeated tethered opponents. Another one that doesn’t work is the Well of Radiance. Wells can only be created by the sword plunge motion. Ward of Dawn is the final super on the list.

So this is everything you needed to know about the Destiny 2 Elemental Light. 

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