Dark Cloud Weapon Guide – Top 10 Weapons You Should Use



If you are looking out for the best Dark Cloud weapons to use, then here is our list where we have ranked the top 10 weapons in the game.

Dark Cloud is an intense action-oriented RPG game. The game has the best features, characters, locations, and gameplay. But many players of Dark Cloud are unable to identify the best weapons for the battles. As Dark Cloud tests your skills by giving away the toughest challenges to endure, players need to use the best weapons along with a strategy to win big in the game.

Many Dark Cloud players haven’t had much success due to a lack of powerful weapons. The best way to win the hard-level attacks and the powerful bosses of Dark Cloud is only possible with the best weapons in the game. Here’s the complete Dark Cloud Weapon Guide with the best set of weapons to have in 2022.

Dark Cloud Weapon Guide

Without the best and strongest weapons winning is not possible in any game, likewise, Dark Cloud is an action game full of battles and fights. So here’s the list of the best weapons to use in Dark Cloud.

1. Island King

Obviously one of the top tier weapons in the game. Island King is equal to some of the best melee weapons and is the primary weapon for Monica. A sharp and mighty sword which can slit the enemies into pieces. Island King is also one of the strongest and sharpest swords besides being the best weapon of Dark Cloud.

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Dark Cloud Weapon Guide - Top 10 Weapons You Should Use 3

2. Chronicle

Another best weapon from the game can be acquired from the main story quests. Players mostly obtain the Chronicle sword to battle out the dark genie and other enemies. Chronicle has the best damage abilities in Dark Cloud and it’s used well as a 5-hit combo.

Use this weapon for witnessing some unprecedented damage stats and elemental skills in the game. Chronicle has always been the best weapon for the players of Dark Cloud to use it always especially in the longer run. Use chronicle for its sheer damaging stats and powers.

3. Inferno

This is the best weapon for Goro. A hammer-type weapon that has been built from Satan’s axe, Inferno can deal heavy damage to opponents and also has the best attack for a hammer weapon. The damage that inferno provides can be brutal to your enemies. Get the inferno weapon and witness the magic that happens.

4. Chronicle Sword

This is the mightiest sword and also a challenging one to use. The Chronicle Sword is used by the players for battle with the black knight pendragon who’s the ferocious boss on the 100th floor. But make sure to clear out the other enemies before you reach the 100th floor to defeat the pendragon. The Chronicle sword will always be one of the most powerful swords in the game.

5. Super Nova

As the weapon name insists it’s a supernova indeed. Super Nova is a laser pistol gun that is at the top list of Osmond’s weapons in the game. Players can get the Supernova from the build-up system. The elemental damages and ATK are so stronger for this. Super Nova is majorly consumed for the demon shaft dungeon as it’s a very tough one to crack in the game.

6. Evilcise

Toan’s weapon list has Evilcise in it. A single-edged sword with unique magical powers that is enough to get the best results for the battles of Dark Cloud. The weapon also has some poison-based abilities which enhance your scoring rates in the attacks. The elemental damage is also another interesting stat for Evilcise.

7. 7th Heaven

7th Heaven is indeed a heavenly weapon, the sword has some incredible damaging stats and elemental skills which will make your enemies run for their lives. The ATK is a little bit weaker, but the DMG and elemental skills compensate for the same.

8. Stringer Wrench

One of the best sets of weapons from Maxmilian’s right-hand weapon list, the stringer wrench has a magical steal ability that you can pass it to another weapon in Dark Cloud. If you have never wielded a Stringer Wrench then this is your time to obtain it.

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Dark Cloud Weapon Guide - Top 10 Weapons You Should Use 4

9. Dark Cloud

Dark Cloud is a bladed weapon in Dark Cloud. A Bladed weapon that is used mostly by Toan once again. The damage is higher, elemental skill is higher, and can be a lethal sword with the 6-hit combo. Get the Dark Cloud in Dark Cloud as it’s one of the best-bladed weapons from Dark Cloud.

10. Secret Armlet

An armlet weapon in the game that’s mostly used by the Ruby character. The combat and damage stats for the Secret Armlet in Dark Cloud are just enough to acquire this weapon in the game. This weapon is rarely used as it doesn’t have the best ATK in the game.

If you own other sets of armlet weapons then you won’t be able to get the Secret Armlet. Obtain this armlet for inflicting colossal damage and elemental burst. Among the other armlet-based weapons, the Secret Armlet is the one with higher stats and powers.

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