Counter Side Tier List – All Characters Ranked (October 2022)


Here is our Counter Side Tier List where we have ranked all the characters in the game. Find out which top characters you should be using!

Counter Side is an entertaining strategic RPG in which you play as the CEO of a military firm guiding superpowered employees in the fight against enemies. It has many different counters and high-tech ships; you must use the right counters to fight against enemies. But it’s not as simple as it seems because the 2D urban fantasy is set in a parallel realm teeming with creatures.

Check out our Counter Side Tier List for the best characters for each role such as Ranger, Sniper, Striker, Supporter, and Defender. Choose the strongest Counter Side character from our tier list.

Counter Side Tier List

Our tier list is divided into 5 tiers. The S Tier characters are the most OP characters in the game while D Tier characters are the worst ones. 

  • S Tier – This tier contains the game’s most powerful characters. They are extremely difficult to beat. You should definetly use them.
  • A Tier – Characters in this group are strong, though not as strong as those in the S Tier. But they are worthy substitutes.
  • B Tier – Average characters in the game. They have their uses but you should not invest in them too much
  • C Tier – Below average characters but they have some niche uses. They are only useful for these particular situations.
  • D Tier – Some of the worst characters in the game. You should not use them at all.

Counter Side Ranger Tier List

SAwakened Seo Yoon, Administration Rifleman, Rosaria Le Friede, Gaeun Tier, Awakened Lee Sooyeon
AKyle Wong, Janus, Kan Soyoung, Joo Shiyoon, Shin Jia, Tarrasque, Fredrick Doma, Kim Sobin
BEddie Fisher, Assault Trooper, Seo Yoon, Nayuka Minato, John Mason, Rivet, Cathy Wade, Elizabeth Pendragon, Han Sorim, SparroW
CPeacekeeper, Arachne, ATF-35 Thunderbolt, Rifleman, Yoo Mina, Thaddeus Morgan
DCho Hojin, Yuna Springfield, Recoiless Gunner, Scout, Yang Hansol, ZSU Shilka, UBGL Rifleman, ATB-1B Spear, Black Tail
Counter Side Gameplay
Counter Side Gameplay

Counter Side Sniper Tier List

SXiao Lin, Edel Meitner
ALyudmila, Karin Wong, Hayami Sanae
BSylvia Lena, Lycoris, Miya, Buzzard SR,
CKim Chowon, Adamant Sniper, Maya Hun
DSweeper, Estaque, HM MRLS, Reaper, Stinger Gunner

Counter Side Striker Tier List

SNanahara Chifuyu, Awakened Yuna Springfield, IfritLin Xien, Eins & Zwei
AAdministration Sword Fighter, Awakened Yoo Mina, Jane Doe, Alex, Hilde, Cindy Looper
BTerminator, Veronica, Joo Shiyoung, Lee Sooyeon, Yen Xing Lanchester, Roy Burnett, Jake Walker, Woodpecker, Orca, Naiellee Bluesteel
CIngrid Johanna, Titan, Glitch, Liv Allen, ATL-1 Lincoln, Esterosa de Chevelier
DSuppressor Soldier, Eujin, Frederick Yuma, Bomi, Oh Saerom, Jessica Green, Park Hyunsoo, Amy Strickland, Chariot, MA1 HMMWV, Nina Anderson, Zena Bird
Counter Side Gameplay
Counter Side Gameplay

Counter Side Supporter Tier List

SLee Yumi, Serapel
AAwakened Hilde, Administration Shieldman
BAwakened Yubin, Stronghold, Irie Alford, Evolved One, Overflow, Mone
CFione Lowell, Ryan Ferrier, Dominic King Reginald, Hound, Shieldman, Hirose Aki, Benedict Constantine
DTommy the Die-hard, Choi Gangsan, Lee Dafoe, Ogami Masaki, Charlie Rockwood, Kim Chulsoo

Counter Side is available on the Play Store and the App Store.

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