Clash of Clans Anniversary Challenge – Tips and Tricks


Clash of Clans is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with a banger challenge. Find out how to participate and complete the challenges to receive exciting rewards!

Supercell’s first breakthrough game that took over the world, Clash of Clans, has become a legend in the mobile game industry with millions of downloads.

The anniversary celebration is targeted toward the old fan base that has stopped playing the game. The event gives them a bonus and additional support to play the game again. Players will receive production boosts, a 1-day shield, and bonus resources. Clash of Clans Anniversary has decided on giving a lot of rewards for solving the Challenges.

What is the 10th Anniversary Challenge?

Every day for a consecutive 10 days there will be new challenges released every day. They are documenting the development of their 10 years in these 10 days. With a plethora of new gimmicks and animation advertising. With the introduction of some mini-games into their main game due to having high cooldown timers.

The old-school arcade pixel animation game has introduced to arcade mini games for you to enjoy while your builders are busy upgrading.

How to complete the Anniversary Challenge

The game is celebrating its years of development via introducing a challenge running through all the years of changes and upgrades. People have grown old with this game and the sense of nostalgia with the game is evergreen.

The 10-Day Clash of Clans Anniversary Challenge

Every day for 10 Days now there will a release of new challenge from that year. Till now 4 have been released, for more challenge solving

Day 1 – 2012

Day 1 Challenge | Mediareferee
Challenge Day 1


  • Giants x 7
  • Barbarians x 15
  • Archer x 12
  • Bomber x 3
  • Goblin x 12
  • Draw out the Clan Castle troops, by engaging the hidden tesla on the right side of the map.
  • Then Deploy 3 Giants to engage fire towards then and deploy wall breakers to gain access to the center of the enemy camp.
  • There are a lot of spring traps hidden around the base. To trigger them use Goblins and Barbarians as bait
  • This is the easiest of all the challenges
  • As long as you destroy the Mortar early and keep your giants alive you can 3 star this challenge easily.

This is the most used and classic combination used in 2012. It’s somewhat trolling by Supercell to use our most favorite troop composition in the Clash of Clans Anniversary Challange.

Day 2 – 2013

Day 2 challenge | mediareferee
Challenge Day 2

Troops (GoWiPe)

  • Golem x 4
  • Pekka x 2
  • Wizards x 12
  • Archer x 2


  • Rage x 2
  • Jump x 2
  • This is one of the lopsided maps that is harder on the attacker.
  • In this Map, you cannot draw out the Clan Castle troops so you’ll have to battle them without taking much damage.
  • Draw the enemy troops’ attention and X-bow fire on Golems.
  • Use a Jump spell on the walls so that the golems and Pekka can enter the base and start destroying the defenses.
  • 4 Golems give you enough time to efficiently use Pekkas and Wizards to destroy the base.

Day 3 – 2014 (LavaLoons)

Day 3 Challenge | Mediareferee
Challenge Day 3

Troops Provided:

  • Lava hounds x 4
  • Balloons x 17
  • Wall Breaker x 6
  • Wizards x 4
  • Minions x 3
  • Archer x 1


  • Rage x 4
  • Lightning x 3
  • This is also one of the 2014 meta called Lava+Loons.
  • It is the perfect combo to three-star any base at that time.
  • The main idea is still the same, timing is always crucial in the Clash of Clans anniversary challenge.
  • Minions and other ground troops are great for additional support and taking out buildings.
  • Deploy your two lava hounds on two different air defenses, and deploy loons for main fire damage.
  • Use rage spell on the X-bow and Wizard Towers to minimize damage taken and increase attack speed

Day 4 – 2015

Day 4 Challenge | Mediareferee
Challenge Day 4

Troops Provided:

  • Valkyrie x 20
  • Angels x 4
  • Hog Riders x 8

Spells Provided

  • Earthquake x 8
  • Haste x 3
  • Poison x 2
  • The Strategy is simple, break the walls and let the Valkyrie wreak havoc.
  • Split the total Valkyrie in 2 groups
  • Start at the beginning of 2015 no. 2, enter from there with the first group of Valkyrie.
  • Send Healers to support the Vanguard.
  • After all the x-bows are destroyed release the Hog riders and Second batch of Valkyrie

Day 4 – 2016

Day 5 Challenge | Mediareferee
Day 5 Challenge

Troops provided

  • Minions x 20
  • Baby Dragon x 3
  • Skeleton Loon x 4
  • Mech x 1
  • Biggest threat in this map is the Flamethrower.
  • Try to pit the Mecha to destroy the Flamethrower.
  • Initiate with Baby dragon to take down the high hit point buildings.
  • start from the lower right wall side.
  • Unleash the first wave of Minions
  • And Skeleton loons in waves of 2 on both the bottom sides
  • make sure to take down the crushers and giant canon using minions.
  • Ones those are gone skeleton loons can create a rampage of skeleton army

This is the Alternative base that was created to make game more fast as the Main base have so long cooldowns.

Clash of Clans Anniversary Challenge will continue to release more challenges as the days proceed. Check back here for more guides on how to solve the challenges.

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