Citizen Sleeper Guide – Everything You Need To Know


If you are new to Citizen Sleeper then you must be facing lots of issues. With the help of the Citizen Sleeper Guide, you can improve.

It is the player character’s job to play as a Sleeper, a human whose mind has been digitized and is controlled by Essen-Arp corporation through a robot body. As the player’s Sleeper escapes indentured servitude, they arrive at the Eye space station, where they fight for survival and freedom. There are a number of different factions and interests represented by the player’s character. Various endings are available in the game based on the player’s decision.

Each day in the in-game universe, the player rolls a number of dice in order to advance the plot and escape the space station, the Eye. As the dice are placed into different tasks, higher numbers generally indicate better results. In general, players who have lower numbers tend to gather intelligence on what different factions are doing in the data-cloud portion of the station.

In general, the rest of the game will turn out better with higher numbers. The player needs to continually labor in order to maintain their decaying robot body, which needs specific materials to maintain. Here is the Citizen Sleeper Guide that will help you to understand the game in a better way.

Citizen Sleeper Guide: Explore

Exploration is very important In RPGs like Citizen Sleeper. While it’s easy to stay in the same locations that you are comfortable with, you’ll encounter new storylines, NPCs, quests, and much more if you expand your knowledge and explore the ship. The game requires players to be careful about what they find themselves in, but sitting in the same spot for the whole game won’t yield any benefits.

Additionally, exploration will reveal new locales with duties to perform in each one. Therefore, if a player starts to become restless or wants a change of pace, they should glance around and find something new to see and do.

Citizen Sleeper Guide: Perks

It is your skill points that increase one of your five abilities: Engineering, Interface, Endure, Intuit, and Engage. On the other hand, perks matter throughout the entire game. There are enough skill points in this game that you’ll be able to max out almost every stat by the time you finish everything. They range from -1 to +2.

Your choices matter

You will select a class at the beginning of Citizen Sleeper, which will shape your interactions with the game’s world. You should be aware of your class’s specific strengths and weaknesses and take advantage of them as much as possible, especially early on.

It may not seem like much to get bonus points for your main stat of each class, but the difference between rolling a four and a five can eliminate any chances of failure, leaving a neutral result. By finding and taking advantage of tasks that revolve around your main skills, you will be able to build your footprint on The Eye, which will lead to allies and income you’ll need during the game.

Focus on your income

It is important to keep in mind that as a Sleeper, you will need food and a stabilizer to survive. Both of these things require money initially, so your first priority should be securing a consistent source of income. 

You can pick up a variety of odd jobs around The Eye, each offering a different degree of income depending on how hard the work is. When looking for work, it’s best to keep an eye out for the skills needed for said job. Many of these occupations also allow you the opportunity to advance, increasing your pay with each repetition of the activity.


Unlock your locations

When you first arrive in a zone, you’ll see compass symbols for many of the nodes you’ll visit. Clicking on these symbols will bring you to a list of tasks you can complete in that area to gain a better understanding of the area. Although you do not have to complete all of these tasks to gain access to surrounding facilities, it is highly recommended because the area will not be fully unlocked until you have completed the task.

This could open up new opportunities for cash generation, introduce you to fresh NPC encounters, open up fresh energy sources, or even let you explore brand-new areas of The Eye.

Using Dice carefully is a must

Citizen Sleeper relies entirely on dice rolls to determine the outcome of every action. These dice are randomly assigned every cycle, and they range from 1 to 6, just like real dice. The modifiers you get make a big difference in percentage terms. First, this means choosing tasks that are compatible with your initial talents. 

Taking the gamble on tasks where you excel will even the odds — your innate bonuses will help even out the odds if you’re forced to choose between two that are reliant on your lower ability scores. Also, pay attention to tasks that have more negative consequences. Some will hurt your Energy and Condition meters, while others simply pay out less money. The lowest dice are best used for tasks that are positive in nature.

Complete quests

You should focus on NPC quests whenever they begin as the game calls them. This is becuase each one earns you skill points. Increase your scores for all other tasks exponentially. A quest that has a fail state is obvious by a red meter that fills up after a bad dice roll, so prioritizing quests means always improving your character. 

Prioritizing quests, even those without a time limit, means constantly improving your character. In situations where a poor roll would cause the quest to end early, it is acceptable to rank up or come back with a better set of dice. 


As a player begins Citizen Sleeper, he or she has the option of choosing from various classes, each with its own specializations and perks. If players don’t want brute strength, consider the Operator or Machinist classes. Operators and Machinists are the most beginner-friendly classes, and they will be useful in nonviolent encounters throughout the game.

Once a class has been chosen, it can be easy to think that specialization is worth it. In any case, players should avoid trying to be good at everything since it limits the higher perks they can get, which will put them at a disadvantage throughout their gameplay. Instead, they should specialize in one or two things that are related to their class so they can excel in what they need.

Keep a good relationship with everyone 

When faced with difficult choices, narrative RPGs can be difficult to please everyone. Citizen Sleeper, on the other hand, focuses on keeping your relationships with most NPCs amicable, particularly while you’re getting to know each other.

In addition, many of these characters offer tasks for you in their locations, and if you stop doing so, you could lose out on income. Moreover, you may find that the expertise of a particular character will be useful in the future, so be respectful of the Eye’s residents, at least at first.


Do not ignore the Clocks

The Eye’s clocks are more than just a way to monitor your progress. In addition, they will alert you to upcoming events or tell you how long you need to wait before you are able to advance a certain questline. Since each clock is spinning and will likely carry a consequence or reward once completed, it’s important to keep track of what’s going on.

If you want to keep track of where each active clock is and the number of cycles left until it completes, it’s worth doing a sweep of The Eye at the beginning and end of each cycle. As a result, your daily activities can be centered around upcoming events and you can be prepared for the narrative shifts that will occur.

So this was the Citizen Sleeper Guide. Follow this guide to have a better gaming experience.

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