Black Desert Online Guide – 10 Tips and Tricks


Here is the Black Desert Online Guide which has the top 10 tips and tricks that will help you to become stronger in the game.

As with third-person shooters, Black Desert Online’s combat requires manual aiming and free movement. In addition to housing, fishing, farming, and trading, the game features large siege events, castle battles, and large player versus player siege events. Character customization is one of its most popular features.

There are several features in the game that contribute to immersion and the sandbox aspect. The dynamic, worldwide weather system includes large-scale events like typhoons and will influence gameplay in many ways. As part of the localized weather, players will be able to launch surprise attacks on rival guild structures with temporary fog. There is also a gradual progression of lighting effects to enhance the day/night cycle. 

The game has lots of things that might confuse you and you can even find it difficult to play the game at some point. Therefore, the Black Desert Online guide will help you with some of the best tips and tricks. 

Black Desert Online Guide: Classes

In addition to its powerful character customization tool, Black Desert Online has a caveat, which is that the classes are all gender-locked. Players can make each character look like a celebrity, down to every cheekbone. There is one specific gender assigned to each class in Black Desert Online, which cannot be changed. Although the game does have a male and female version of most classes, the skills or functions are not exactly the same, so you lose some customization freedom in this regard.

Black Desert Online Guide: Armor & Weapon Customization 

It seems that Black Desert Online has stopped giving it all when it comes to character customization options. There are limited designs in Black Desert Online. The weapons and armors are bland or lack uniqueness. If you wear the best gear in the game or any gear for that matter, you won’t look fabulous.

Black Desert Online offers costumes to make up for the dull equip fashion, although they are fairly expensive and some players think they are a bit pricy. But they do give your character a respectable appearance.

Level 56 should be your goal

Awakening and Succession are two specializations in Black Desert Online available to each class. When you reach level 56, you can unlock these specializations, which provide you with more options for skills and builds. Your main objective in the game is to reach level 56. Then you can gradually get to level 61. It’s going to be a long grind, so enjoy it.

Attack Power and Defense Power

The gear you wear should also be leveled up as you progress through the game. Upon completing the main campaign, some gear will be given to you for free. You don’t have to buy gear. Keep an eye on your character’s attack power and defence power levels in your equipment tab. This will tell you how strong she or he is.

The opponents on the map vary in strength depending on where they are located. Only opponents that are at or below your power level can be defeated.


Make use of AFK

Furthermore, Black Desert Online has a sprawling trading network and worker network, so turning off your computer when you aren’t online in-game is a waste of opportunity. In addition to getting big rewards for doing non-combat activities, players will also increase some of their non-combat skill bars if they do not use their keyboards. AFK or away from the keyboard can be used to do some of the non-combat activities.

The issue is that, for some people, playing Black Desert Online can become like a full-time job, especially if you decide to engage in AFK activities. You should be okay if you can manage it.

Guild is needed

In Black Desert Online, you’d want to form a guild whether you’re a combat player or businessman. That’s because the game also has an open-world PvP element where players can ambush or kill other players after reaching a certain level. 

It is impossible to avoid wanton PvP killing and griefing, but you can try to join a guild that does PvP for some form of protection.  In this guild, members are protected and can wage war against anyone who preys upon them. Guild activities also provide players techniques to make money in the game.

Upgrade your gear carefully

If you upgrade your gear to a high level, there is a risk of downgrading or breaking it, which can easily undo months or even years of progress. The chances of losing or accidentally downgrading your high-level gear are low enough to make players quit. You need to decide whether or not you are willing to handle the level of game stress that Black Desert Online imposes before calling it one of your favorite MMORPGs.

Best Items

In Black Desert Online, there are too many different kinds of items. Many gamers struggled to keep track of their resources and identify which ones are which. So stop trying to hoard everything, due to the game’s very restricted storage and inventory space. Our Black Desert Online guide has listed some of the best items for you below:

  • Black Stones
  • Fruit Juices
  • EXP coupons
  • Advice of Valks
  • Memory Fragments
  • Crown Stones

Use Central Marketplace 

On the Central Marketplace, you can sell any equipment, weapons, or items you don’t need anymore. You can locate a marketplace vendor by clicking the Marketplace icon in the top right corner of any city. A player-based economy is present in Central Marketplace, where items you sell and buy are all between players. It’s a good way to get some money or upgrade your gear by selling or buying items.

Earning is not easy

As with any free economy, players have to think like a businessman if they want to make the most silver in Black Desert Online. It has plenty of non-combat activities like farming, mining, cooking, processing, and so on. Players can run their own in-game supply and demand economy, which means only the shrewdest can make a profit. So in Black Desert Online, players need to think like businessmen if they want to make the most silver.

Here, money is made by establishing a manual labor empire, micromanaging the available resources, and repeatedly slaying monsters. Playing the role of a digital businessman eclipses even that.


So this was the Black Desert Online Guide. Follow the guide carefully so that you can improve your gameplay.

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