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Check out everything you need to know about Black Clover M Nozel along with his fighting attributes, Gear Sets, Skills and talents mentioned below:

Nozel creates and manipulates mercury with the help of this magical quality. Nozel’s mana can be controlled quickly and precisely, allowing him to freely change its shape at will and combine offence and defence. It is also powerful enough to repel devil-enhanced Blood Magic and pierce through devil-enhanced Steel Magic.

Black Clover M Nozel is incredibly resilient, as demonstrated by the fact that even after having several large compass needles punctured through his torso, he manages to stay conscious and perform spells.

Black Clover M Nozel
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Who is Black Clover M Nozel?

Nozel Silva is a noble and the first son of House Silva, one of the royal families of the Clover Kingdom. In addition, he is a member of the Royal Knights and captain of the Magic Knights’ Silver Eagle squad. Nozel’s mother, Acier, gives birth to Noelle when he is 14 years old, and she later passes away in a remote home.

Upon obtaining his grimoire, Nozel becomes a member of the Silver Eagle team. After his mother passes away a year after being cursed, he makes a self-promise to get stronger so that he can exact revenge on her and keep his siblings safe.

Black Clover M Nozel Silva Skills

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image via Garena III International

Silver Bullets

[Single] [ATK: 90%] [MATK: 90%]
Fires silver bullets at an enemy, dealing damage.
• 75% chance to inflict [Poison] on an enemy, dealing continuous damage for 2 turn(s).

Silver Whip

[AoE] [3 turns] [ATK: 50%] [MATK: 50%]
Swings numerous whips made of mercury, dealing damage to all enemies.
• Inflicts [Reduced MATK Lv.3] on all enemies for 2 turn(s).
• Enhanced:
• Grants 10% [Increased DMG Dealt] for every [Continuous Damage] an enemy is taking.
M. ATK Reduction Lv.2
Reduces M. Attack by 44%.
Increased Damage
Increases the damage done.

Rain of Silver

[AoE] [ATK: 68%] [MATK: 68%]
Shoots numerous droplets of mercury from the sky, dealing damage to all enemies.
• Inflicts [Disarm Lv.3] on all enemies for 2 turn(s).
Weapon Disarm Lv.3
Damage is reduced by 34%.
Combined Attack [Single] [ATK: 72%] [MATK: 72%]
Performs a combined attack with the partnered mage, dealing damage to an enemy.
• Inflicts [SP-2] on an enemy.
• Has a 60% chance to inflict [Buff Block] on the enemy for 1 turn.

Reduces Special Points
Reduces the Special Points that can be used for Combined Attacks and Special Skills.

Buff Block
Can’t obtain buffs while this effect is active.

United Attack

[AoE] [ATK: 52%] [MATK: 52%]
This skill will replace the Combined Attack if this character is in the team:
Pierces through enemies with mercury thorns, then launches explosive flames, dealing damage to all enemies.
• Has a 60% chance to inflict [Buff Block] on the enemy for 1 turn.
• Has a 65% chance to inflict [Incapacitate Lv.3] on the enemy for 2 turn(s).
Buff Block
Can’t obtain buffs while this effect is active.
Incapacitate Lv.3
Increases damage taken by 50%.

Enhanced passive

Grants 2.5% [Increased DMG Dealt] if at least one opponent is inflicted with a [Debuff].

Unique Passive

Grants 12% [Fortify] upon having 3 or more SP.

Black Clover M Nozel Gear Sets:

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image via Garena III International

You just need to maximize his magic attack and speed when it comes to Black Clover M Nozel gears. Building all of the Secret of the Deep Sea will give him the maximum speed and guarantee that he goes first for certain gear sets.

Apart from that, a defensive set like The Great Merchant’s Collection can be assembled using the remaining gear slots. This is so that you can make the most of his debuffs rather than having him go down right away.

Nozel Talents

Due to Nozel’s role, the attack usually has little bearing on his talents; therefore, you can select Battle Frenzy and Increased MATK for this one.

Simply select the tried-and-true Increased DEF and Endurance combo under defence, which is what you should be using on most characters anyhow. Lastly, if you plan to use Black Clover M Nozel’s special skill frequently, Swiftness and Increased DMG RES are good choices for the support nodes. Otherwise, use Mage’s Blessing in place of Swiftness.

Does Nozel hate Noelle?

Since his childhood, Nozel has hated Noelle because he thinks of her as the cause of their mother’s death.

Who are the siblings of Nozel Silva?

He is the son of Acier Silva, the older brother of Nebra Silva, Solid Silva and Noelle Silva.

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