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Mist Bullet is a primary skill for Black Clover M Nebra Silva. Discover the other skills and talents for the legendary debuffer.

Black Clover M is an exciting fantasy roleplaying game. Here, battle between mages and demons in the magical fantasy world. Asta, a small boy, is destined to become the Wizard King. Asta has to join other mages in a mission to demolish all demons in the kingdom. Asta has to join with other clan members and leaders to stop the dark force. Learn these combat tactics and kickstart your journey in the fantasy world.

Black Clover M is a turn-based RPG. So, you can pick four mages in a party. An attacker along with a supporter, debuffer and healer will make the best squad. As of now,  there are only limited Debuffers in the game. Black Clover M Nebra Silva is a top-tier debuffer and she’s a four-star mage as well. Nebra Silva belongs to the Silver Eagles squad and excels in magic and healing. Her matk is also great and the LR mage can make a huge impact with the strongest attackers in the party.

Black Clover M Nebra has many skills. Her skills are based on mist and she gains complete control over mist abilities. M Nebra is also an excellent AoE unit. Her bag has some powerful mist abilities and talents. With these, you can increase Nebra’s powers and dominate the magical world. Here’s all about Black Clover M Nebra Silva along with the best skills, gears and talents for the legendary mage.

Black Clover M Nebra Silva Skills & Talents

Black Clover M Nebra is one of the best Debuffers in the game. All characters in Black Clover Mobile have special skills and talents. You can summon her for free after completing tutorial quests. Here are the recommended abilities that you can use for M Nebra,

Black Clover M Nebra Silva
Nebra Silva in Black Clover M

Mist Bullet 

Activate the skill to fire a condensed mass of mist mana to a target. The skill will pierce through foes and deal heavy damage and stun them for a short time. Mist Bullet also inflicts debuff to enemies that have high mobility for 2 turns. The debuff reduces matk level of targets by 35-40%

Mist Spider’s Thread 

Once this skill is launched, it will instantly trap and surround targets with mist effects. This provides a huge advantage at the start of each wave and you can gain an upper hand against bosses in the game. The skill also applies 3 status ailment effects to targets. They are,

Boss fight
  • Transform – This inflicts transform effects and enemies will can’t take action while it’s active. Transform buff will only be effective for a single turn 
  • Reduced Def – Black Clover M Nebra applies the debuff to targets for 2 turns and it reduces their Def level by 70%
  • Buff Immunity –  Apply this buff to targets. The buff immunity makes targets immune to buffs till the effect is active 

Solid Mist Clones 

The only special skill for Nebra Silva. Solid Mist Clones summons a clone and also throws chunks of mist effects to enemies. Enemies trapped inside mist effects will receive heavy damage. The skill increases both atk and matk. It also applies a buff

  • Summon Clone – The buff will be active for 2 turns. It summons 2 clones and deals damage that’s equal to 35% of your base ATK and MATK. But summon clones will work only if you use the Mist Bullets skill 

Combined Attack

Combined Attack works well with another mage. Nebra Silva can join with Asta or Yami and unleash a heavy attack. The skill also grants a debuff called Incapacitate which increases the damage taken levels for targets by 60%

Best Talents for Nebra Silva in Black Clover M

Talents are bonus effects. Every mage in Black Clover Mobile gets a couple of talents. There are Attack Talents, Defense Talents and Support Talents. You can add Talents that suit the playing style of your mage to get the strongest build. Here are the best talents for Nebra Silva,

  • Increased MATK – This is a common talent for every mage in the game. This will increase the Magic Attack for Nebra by 7%
  • Battle Frenzy – Battle Frenzy grants an increased Crit resistance for a turn 
  • Ferocity – Ferocity will attack after granting a 10% buff after attacking a boss
  • Increased Defense – Nebra’s defense gets boosted by 20% till this talent is active
  • Endurance – Endurance increases defense by 4% and crit resistance by 2 %. This stacks up to 5 times
  • Increased Max HP – Nebra Silva’s Max HP is increased by 5%
  • Guardian – This talent can be used in a boss fight as it grants a fortify buff when attacked by a boss
  • Increased Crit Res – This increases the Crit Resistance for Nebra by 10%
  • Iron Will – Iron Will Grants debuff immunity for a turn 
  • Sharp Mind – Damage Dealt will increase by 5% for 1 turn
  • Swiftness – This is an ideal Support talent for Nebra Silva. It grants skill point buff once your SP is less than 2
  • Increased DMG RES – Damage resistance will increase by 10% for a turn

These are the best skills and talents for Black Clover M Nebra Silva. With these, you can form the best build for Nebra Silva. The debuffer can be transformed as a sub-dps for boss battles and raids with these special abilities.

Can you include a Debuffer in Black Clover M Boss Fights?

In Black Clover M, Debuffers don’t make much difference. The impact created by attackers and supporters have been staggering. Yet, there are some debuffers who can make a significant impact in PvP raids and boss fights. You can use debuffers like Lotus Whomalt, Charlotte and Nebra Silva on priority. Reroll for these units to get an advantage.

Which talent is required for mages in Black Clover M?

In Black Clover Mobile, there are three types of talents for units. One is Attack, the other two talents are defense and support. You can pick talents and use them based on the strengths and weaknesses of your mages. You can pick two or three talents from each category.

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