If you have Klee, check out the best team comps and items to scale up Klee as your main DPS or sub DPS depending on your other characters.

Klee is the fun and cute, fan-favorite cherished by all of Mondstadt. But don’t go on with her cute looks as she is one of the most destructive powerhouses. It is unfathomable to see a little girl with so much power and explosives in her arsenal. We are introduced to Klee as part of her story quest where the Traveler helps her with a mission to track her lost items.

Genshin Impact is a F2P game with cross-platform support, i.e you can play with your friends from different platforms. That has been one of the most prominent features aiding its popularity and reach. With anime-style art and world design, this open-world game has some amazing worlds. You can even do photo ops with our favorite characters under the cherry blossoms!

Klee’s Talents

Normal Attack: the most basic attack that Klee has is her palm-size bombs on Q. They go Boom on direct impact, perform up to 3 consecutive attacks, dealing AOE damage.

Charged Attack: After holding for 3 seconds and using up 1/4th of stamina, creates a bigger bomb.

Plunge Attack: After gathering Pyro power, she plunges from mid-air and deals AOE damage.

Jumpy Dumpy (Elemental Skill): A type of bomb that bounces three times, on the final bounce it splits into multiple bombs.

Sparks ‘n’ Splash (Elemental Burst): for the duration of the ability, summons mega bombs continuously. Dealing AOE to all the enemies in range.

Klee Melt Team

For the best melt team strat, you need either Yelan or Kaeya depending on your luck. For F2P Kaeya is a decent option although he cannot substitute Yelan. Kaeya has a decent Elemental Burst that can constantly proc melt over a small radius. For heals keep Diona, also available to F2P players, can also apply freeze for melt. Melt or reverse melt options can increase the effectiveness of the characters’ elemental reactions.

Klee Vaporize Team

Klee Vaporize Comp |Mediareferee
The most effective vaporize team comp for Klee

The best sub-DPS for vaporizing is Mona as she can constantly run around applying hydro on enemies. Xingqiu is also a good character to add to your rotation. Not only does he add the hydro element for vaporize reactions but he also buffs attack. Mona is powerful, with splash hydro effects constantly being pumped out of her. If you have Venti try to run him in place of Xingqiu. Xingqiu may be a good support but falls short of Venti. Venti is a god-tier character and has great synergy with most team comps.

Klee Mono Pyro Team

Klee Pyro Comp | Mediareferee
High Pyro resonance team comp

To create the best Pyro Team you need to have Klee, Bennet, Xiangling, and Kazuha. Kazuha to constantly proc pyro is a must! A mono Pyro team is only worth it if you are facing either a hydro or cryo enemies. Then they can be full pyro damage dealing team. If you don’t have Kazuha then Sucrose is a decent alternative for F2P players. Not only does having multiple Pyro units increase elemental resonance, but they also increase resistance and add other buffs.

Klee Balanced Team

image 339
Best Team Builds for Klee - Vaporize, Melt, Mono Pyro, and more 4

This comp can be run if you have Zongli, who provides resistance shred and shield. Bennet provides heal and attack buff and more pyro energy particles. Xingqiu is for reaction and attack buff and his Elemnetal Burst is really good for triggering vaporize reactions. This makes it one of the best team comps for Klee and can be used for world exploration and field bosses.

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