Apex Legends Poly Prowler Store – Is This the Best Legendary Bundle Ever in Apex Legends? You Decide!


Apex Legends Poly Prowler Store is back with these legendary skins for players to buy and use in the game.

Apex Legends is one of the best games in the market when it comes to the battle Royale genre. Since its release back in 2019 this game was very consistent with the updates regarding skins and other seasonal events. Every couple of weeks the developers come out with a new game mode, a new event or a limited time shop for cosmetics that players can purchase.

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Apex Legends Cover

Since this is a free to play game the only mode of earning revenue for this type of game is microtransactions. The latest update in this game is the Apex Legends Poly Prowler Store which comes with three different unique skins for three legends in the game. Let us talk about cosmetics in this article.

Apex Legends Poly Prowler Store- Overview

Before we begin it is important to say that this game has 26 different legends or characters to choose from. Out of these 26 characters only three characters are getting the special Apex Legends Poly Prowler Store treatment. Let us talk about those skins in detail.

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Apex Legends Poly Prowler Store

Apex Legends Poly Prowler Store- Wraith

The first character in the list is Wraith and it reflects the skin as the skin has shades of purple and blue all around. This might be a choice from the developers to choose this unique color palette for rate that represents her background.

Apex Legends Poly Prowler Store- Wattson

Watson is all about electricity and everyone knows that electricity is blue in color just like the skin for Watson. Even though Watson is considered a childish character in the game she’s one of the most powerful characters and this skin suits her as she’s not afraid to embrace her childlike personality to make it very appealing.

Apex Legends Poly Prowler Store- Ash

The final character in the game which has the skin is Ash. Ash is a simulacrum which means that her body has been rebuilt from ground up and her brain has been alive for decades after her death. This unique skin also reflects Ash’s personality as Ash is a simulacrum and has no facial expressions which is ironic as the skin has a mask that covers her face with ears pointing out.

Apex Legends Poly Prowler Store
Apex Legends Poly Prowler Store Wattson and Ash

The best part about these skins is even though they might be very similar looking when seeing them next to each other each of these legends look completely different when the skin is equipped on them.

It is hard to notice the subtle changes that the developers put but it is great to see that even though they might be similar aspects of this skin all three legends have unique emotes and personalities that show their characters.

Another aspect about making a skin or cosmetics for this game is the developers make sure that these reflect the legend’s personality as this game is known for its outrageous gameplay story and charm that connects with the players. No wonder this game has been such a huge hit amongst fans and is still going strong till date.

There is another event in Apex Legends that is ongoing. To read more about it click here.

When are these cosmetics available?

These cosmetics are available from April 9th to April 23rd.

When genre is Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is a free to play battle royale genre game that is set in the world of Titanfall, developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

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