How to Join the PS5 Beta Program – Discord and more Perks


The PS5 Beta program is here and here is everything you need to know. Now PlayStation players can also get Discord!

Playstation has rolled out a beta update for PS5 and it includes many interesting features for its community. The biggest buzz of this update is Discord on PlayStation. Fans are excited to see what features this software update holds. However, it’s still very new and needs a much more developed base. So let’s have a detailed look at what this new software includes.

Sony officially announced a new partnership with Discord back in 2021. This partnership was done with the goal of introducing an easier communication platform for PlayStation players. Earlier, neither of the parties had announced an official date for the release of this collab but there were rumors that it will be rolled out in early 2022. To the surprise of fans, this collab is finally here. As of now, you can only link your Discord to PlayStation.

The PS5 7.00 update will enter the beta phase in the next few days, but Discord will not be participating in this Beta test.

How to Join the PS5 Beta Program

PS5 Beta Program
How to Join the PS5 Beta Program - Discord and more Perks 2

Before you ask how to register for this, you should know that as of now this update is only available in some countries like U.S., Canada, Japan, U.K, Germany, and France. You can register as a beta tester and if you are selected you will receive an email confirming your verification. This email will have all the instructions on how to download the beta and you can get started

To register and take part in the Beta tester all you have to do is head to the registration page of the PlayStation 5 Beta program and sign in or create an account on the PS5 Beta program to verify your interest.

You can connect Discord voice chats on your PS5 console and chat with your friends on other gaming platforms with these updates. You can link your Discord and Playstation Network accounts from your PS5 console. Use your Discord on your mobile device or computer to activate your Discord voice chat feature on your PS5 console.

PS5 system software Beta Features

Discord voice chats

PS5 version 7.00 update you will have full access to Discord integration to the PS5. This update is scheduled to go live on March 8, 2023. From March this feature will be fully available for you with the voice chat feature. For now, you can link your Discord with a PS5 account.

New social features

Other social features added include the features like a request to add shared screens from your friends’ profiles, a new icon to join your friends’ games when available, and an option to check whether your friends play a game you check out.

1440p update

Sony has been expanding its compatibility with 1440p, which is in high demand the players are finally available on a wider range of displays. This resolution will work with Variable Refresh Rates (VRR) for giving the players a smooth gaming experience.

Wireless controller updates

If you have been playing on the PS5 console you would know how often it asks you to plug in your DualSense controller whenever you put it on update. Thanks to this update, now you will be able to update your console wireless.

Cloud saves

This new feature lets you hold your saved PS4 data from the cloud when gaming on PS5. Cloud save would give you new notifications to download your cloud saves.

The game captures the voice

You can now use your voice on PS5 to control your console. In the UK and the US only you can opt into your voice using commands like “Hey PlayStation” will capture that.

That wraps up all the features of PS5 Beta program. How excited are you to experience this upgraded software of PS5. try your luck by registering as mentioned above and who knows you will be a part of the beta test program.

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