Viper Valorant

Weird Tips and Tricks to Climb Ranks with Viper Valorant

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Viper is Valorant’s poisonous scientist, and he is very good at controlling areas and making plans. But she needs to know more about her abilities than just the basics in order to reach her full potential. Don’t worry, fellow agents. …

Reyna Valorant

Weird Tips and Tricks to Climb Ranks with Reyna Valorant

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When it comes to Valorant, Reyna is a powerful duelist who can take care of herself and loves eating souls. But it can be hard for her to learn her skills and reach her full potential. No need to worry, …

cypher valorant

Weird Tips and Tricks to Climb Ranks with Cypher in Valorant

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Cypher, Valorant’s quiet sentinel, is an expert at gathering data and managing maps. But you need more than just the basics to really do well with Cypher Valorant. Don’t worry, fellow agents. We’ve found some strange and wonderful Cypher Valorant …

Omen valorant

Weird Tips and Tricks to Climb Ranks with Omen in Valorant

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Is Omen the best controller in Valorant? How to dominate ranked matches with Omen Valorant? Scroll down and find. Valorant is an intense shooter game. A unique multiplayer game where 5 players attack and 5 players defend their bases. Players …

PUBG Erangel Classic Fest

PUBG Erangel Classic Fest – Discord Quest, Live Stream and Special Drops

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PUBG Erangel Classic Fest Event returns with the fan-favorite map, quests and exclusive rewards. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is a classic battle royale game that has inspired tons of creators to launch games in this genre. In PUBG, players fight …


How to participate in Final Fantasy XIV Moogle Treasure Trove ─ The Second Hunt for Genesis

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The Final Fantasy XIV Moogle Treasure Trove Event features tons of challenges and rewards. Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG from Square Enix Creative Business Unit III. The story begins in the fantasy world of  Eorzea five years after the …

valorant nerfed agents

5 Valorant Nerfed Agents That Were So Powerful They Had to be Balanced!! 

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The meta in Valorant is always changing, and the battleground is where agents rise and fall. The level of competition is determined by the agents’ skills and flaws. But sometimes some agents get so strong that they change the whole …

Valorant One Way Smokes

Top Valorant One Way Smokes You Need to Know on Every Map

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Valorant is very good at tactics in a lot of different areas, not just guns and maps. To move up the ranks, you need to know how to use your agent’s utilities well, and knowing how to use Valorant one …

Valorant Queue Disabled

How to Fix Valorant Queue Disabled Issue?

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Do you want to fix the Valorant queue disabled bug easily? Scroll down and find the best ways. Valorant is an exciting 5v5 shooter game. Here, players take on the role of an agent. Whenever a new Valorant Act and …

Android Pirate games

9 Best Android Pirate Games that will loot your time!!

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What’s a pirate game? Which are the best Android Pirate games? Find out the top-ranked Pirate adventure games to play with your friends. In Video games, adventure is one genre that generates lots of profit for developers. Adventure has several …