The Palia Bloomin’ Bounties update includes party buffs, new features and outfits. Find out everything included in the new update.

Palia is a colorful life simulation MMO that’s set in a village. Players have to craft materials, kill insects, interact with villagers and farm resources for gardens. The new Palia patch update has arrived. Palia patch update version 0.181 is titled as Bloomin’ Beauties and this update focuses on all gameplay fixes, features and content.

Palia Bloomin' Bounties

Palia 0.181 update includes new features, adjustments and bug fixes. Here’s everything included in the Bloomin’ Beauties patch,

New Features

Building Blocks are available in Gold, Copper, and Iron. You can purchase these from the City Hall. Building Blocks will have a maximum limit of 3000 pieces. New exclusive and premium items are added to Palia including,

  • Builder’s Small Copper Crate
  • Builder’s Large Copper Crate
  • Builder’s Copper Floor
  • Builder’s Copper Pillar
  • Builder’s Copper Ramp
  • Builder’s Copper Wall
  • Builder’s Small Iron Crate
  • Builder’s Large Iron Crate
  • Builder’s Gold Ramp
  • Builder’s Iron Floor
  • Builder’s Gold Floor
  • Builder’s Iron Pillar
  • Builder’s Gold Wall
  • Builder’s Iron Ramp
  • Builder’s Iron Wall
  • Builder’s Small Gold Crate
  • Builder’s Large Gold Crate
  • Builder’s Gold Pillar

Party Buffs

Complete new Palia missions with party members to get double loot and unlock new accomplishments. You can maximize rewards like Seeds and Growable Furniture. The other party buffs include earning loot by standing within 35 meters of a party member when completing activities.

You can get party buffs and rewards by simply standing. Activities include hunting, mining, insect catching, farming, fishing and foraging. This is an excellent addition to the new Palia patch update. You can also get double loot by completing missions near other party members.

Also, players can progress in the  Party-based Accomplishments and farm XP rewards. You can play with other Pals and collect Growable Furniture as well. Once you complete all 5 Party People Accomplishment levels, you can acquire the Growable Furniture item seedling. You can collect seeds from this seedling as a part of the party people accomplishments and earn furniture items like,

  • Grow All Out Stool
  • Grow All Out Dining Chair
  • Grow All Out Dining Table
  • Grow All Out Couch
  • Grow All Out Standing Lamp

Spin the Wheel

The Zeki’s Prize Wheel is back in the Black Market Underground. You can claim prizes and prize wheel coins by spinning the wheel and playing hotpot matches. Players can spend prize wheel coins and participate in Hotpot games and claim these goodies and exclusive rewards,

  • Gold
  • Fireworks
  • New Pirate Decor Furniture Set
  • Jumbo Chapaa Plushie
  • Jumbo Maji Plushie
  • Jumbo Ancient Fish Plushies
  • Zeki Coins

Zeki’s spin wheel also grants other pirate themed items like,

  • Pirate Ship’s Flag
  • Pirate Seafaring Kegs
  • Pirate Tankard
  • Pirate Navigator Maps
  • Pirate Grimalkin Chest
  • Worn Mouse Plush
  • Pirate Small Coin Pile
  • Pirate Large Coin Pile
  • Pirate Secret Scroll
  • Pirate Wanted Poster
  • Pirate Stolen Frame
  • Pirate Pilfered Frame
  • Pirate Tattered Cloths
  • Pirate Ship’s Cannon

Palia Home Tour Board & Rewards

A new Home Tour Board is added to Palia Bloomin’ Beauties update. The board is available near Kilima Village gates and players can unlock it from the housing plot. Players can visit Tish’s special dream home and get ideas for decor and garden. You can earn a Big Frogbert Plush as a login reward. Twitch Drops and Partner Collaboration events will be added as well.

Premium Store Updates

New cosmetics are added to the Palia premium store along with new tabs and sections. You can add new landscapes for your homes. Outfits like Buccaneer and Plucky Tourist can be earned for bucks. Wooded Grove, Kilima Heights, and Shipwreck Isles are the three main landscapes in the premium store of Palia. Here’s everything about these landscapes,

  • Wooded Grove – This is available for 425 Palia coins. This landscape allows you to add wooden haven, lush green trees and forest flair to your homes.
  • Kilima Heights – The Kilima Heights landscapes will add destinations of Kilima village set in mountain cliffs. You can purchase this for 1275 Palia coins
  • Shipwreck Isles – A colorful landscape for Palia players that lets you explore beachy vibes filled with sandy shores. You can explore the depths of this landscape to find a hidden secret hideaway. Shipwreck Isles landscape is available for 2550 Palia coins

Social Improvements & Adjustments

  • You can use the X-ray vision to find name plates of party members on walls
  • While you travel across the village, you can find party members’ with an icon that’s found near their name plates 
  • Party UI gets new additions 
  • You can easily find locations and maps of Palia friends
  • Palia players can join servers of friends before waiting for their invite
  • A new fishing spot is available in the black market Underground

New Drake Pets

Five new Drake Pets are available at the premium store. Earthfang Drake, Firefang Drake, Starfang Drake, and Seafang Drake are available for 1275 Palia coins and these have element-inspired designs.

The Heartfang Drake has a similar design, but it comes with colorful adornments like bows, gem collar, fluttery wings and heart scales. This Drake pet is available for 1700 palia coins. Also, new item bundles and outfits are available at the shop for Palia coins.

Palia Bug Fixes

Palia players have had several bugs and issues. The new update will focus on many bugs to enhance the gaming experience. Here are all bug fixes in Palia Bloomin’ Beauties update,

  • Switch players can n spot the starting timer for Hot Pot 
  • Players can get Cozy Ladder recipe from rummage piles
  •  Star Quality Cloudminnows and Flow Bugs that disappeared from inventory has been fixed
  • An issue that allowed players to receive a friend request pop-up notification from players they previously declined is sorted 
  • Players can now access a new server invite
  • The new update allows players to remove bay windows in the Placement Mode from the Grand Harvest House
  • Players can scroll beyond the visible space within the Permissions section for Plot Settings
  • All crashes that occurred when browsing the customization options in the Jel’s shop have been fixed 
  • Premium cosmetic tool skins will now appear to other players
  • Crashes that arrive while selecting the Sakura outfit in the Wardrobe or the Premium Store have been sorted

Who can Play Palia?

Palia is a life simulation game where you have to fight, farm and craft resources and interact with characters in a village. The game is available for PC and Nintendo Switch. The new Palia Bloomin’ Bounties update features exciting content and features.

Is Palia available for Mobile?

No, Palia is not available for Android and iOS.

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