Do you want to get the best games from the Nacon Summer Sale 2024? Scroll down and find the best games.

Players who prefer PC games can utilize the Steam sale 2024. The new sale features games published by Nacon, a french-based video game company. The Nacon sale features plenty of classic games on Steam. Right from action to adventure and simulation to sports, many games are available at great deals. Here are the top games with great offers from the Nacon Summer Sale 2024.

Nacon Summer Sale 2024

Nacon sale on steam will go live soon. Here are 10 best games you can purchase during the sale and these games will be available at a huge discount. 


Nacon Summer Sale 2024

Taxi Life is for fans who love the racing genre. In this open world 3D racing game, you have to drive cars and take passengers to their destinations. Taxi Life takes place in Barcelona and other regions of Spain. To win challenges as a driver, you have to overcome different roads and weather conditions. Taxi Life is different from other racing games as you have to tackle passengers who are impatient.

 The best drivers get high ratings and tips from customers in the campaign mode. You can travel miles with customers, interact with them and unlock special skills. With these abilities in Taxi Life, you can enhance cars and upgrade all parts. With experience points, you can level up in the campaign and unlock new tracks and challenges.

Brick Breaker 

The theme for all levels of Brick Breaker are different and you can utilize combos to maximize points and bonuses. Brick Breaker is one of the best local multiplayer games of all-time and the best game to purchase from the Nacon sale 2024.

Challenge in Mahjong

The traditional chinese game returns with upgraded features. Mahjong is a 2D puzzle game with physics as main mechanics. Mahjong is a tile-based game where you have to match tiles and progress in every level. With 70 different boards and colorful themes, Mahjong is one of the best indie games. Players who like the puzzle genre can get this game from the nacon sale on steam.


The ever classic and evergreen puzzle game is back through the Nacon sale on steam. In this multiplayer puzzle game, you can engage in different game modes. The goal for challenges in Tetraminos is to add blocks and match the colors and secure points. Players who match blocks with great speed will secure high points in the puzzle and challenge mode. Shapes will be different in every game mode and you have to maximize points to progress in the ranking board.

Hunting Simulator 2

Hunting Simulator 2 is a gripping shooter game and the best pick for action fans. Travel with a wild dog through the regions of Europe including exploring the Texan desert and forests of Colorado with a goal to catch different species of animals. Hunting Simulator 2 is a fast-paced fps and the story takes place in an open world.

 You can customize outfits, pick gear items and carry weapons with your dog. In Hunting Simulator 2, you can hunt down animals that possess AI and special powers. With the best tools, explosive and sniper rifle guns, you can win missions against dangerous creatures in the wild.

Cricket 24

Cricket 24 is for all sports fans. The game is a sequel to Cricket 22 and inspired by the recent ashes series. Cricket 24 offers The Ashes, Bbl, Wbbl and Indian T20 leagues. With more than 50 stadiums and 500 players, this is one of the classic and best cricket games to play. From club cricket to international tournaments, every feature has been top-notch.

Similar to EA cricket games, there are many features in Cricket 24 as well. You can play in different difficulty levels, increase powers for batsmen, and participate in icc tournaments. Cricket 24 will be a top pick from the nacon summer sale 2024.


Ravenswatch is a riveting action adventure game. The game blends different genres like action, RPG, roguelite and dark fantasy. A mind-blowing hack and slash adventure where players explore the dark world in Reverie in solo or groups. Every chapter offers tales of Norse Mythology and Three Little Pigs.

You can play as different characters in every chapter. Pick your skills, overcome the nightmare and find out the secrets in the dark fantasy world. Play as legends and traverse across cities and find the old folk tales. Ravenswatch is an incredible action game with a great offer on steam. This is one of the best games launched by the Nacon gaming company.

Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator

Chef Life is an exciting cooking simulation game. Play as a restaurateur, cook a variety of dishes and serve your customers. Showcase your cooking skills in the stylish kitchen, complete tasks and earn cash rewards to upgrade and decorate your restaurant. Right from Meat to Curries, you can cook plenty of dishes. Hire the best team, manage your supplies and purchase the ingredients every day.

Garden Life: A Cozy Simulator

Garden Life is a fun and relaxing gardening game. Find an ideal location, farm ingredients and plant seeds to grow your garden. By completing tasks, you can decorate your garden with new plants and accessories. A colorful game where the goal is to find seeds, grow unique plants and nurture them. Win challenges earn ornaments, seeds and other resources.

 You can sell flowers and plants to neighbors in the village square. Garden Life offers story and creative mode. You have to follow the orders of villagers and decorate your garden and enhance its beauty. Garden Life is an amazing farming and simulation game from the Nacon Summer Sale 2024.

What’s the Nacon Summer Sale 2024?

Nacon sale 2024 features games launched by Nacon gaming company. The sale starts from June 27, 2024 and will be available till July 11, 2024. In this limited-time sale, you can buy your favorite games up to 90% discount.

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