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Do you want to play the best local multiplayer mobile games with your friends? Our listicle includes the top-rated multiplayer offline games in action, survival and racing genres.

Hundreds of multiplayer games are getting launched every year. You can play multiplayer games with friends and against friends. In co-op multiplayer, you play together with friends and complete missions. In competitive multiplayer, you play against online players. In local multiplayer, you can play with local friends on a private server. Local multiplayer mobile games are the best when it comes to the multiplayer genre.

In local multiplayer mobile games, you can add friends to your lobby through hotspot or bluetooth as well and these games can be played without Wi-Fi connection. Everyone will be connected through a single device and you can play against your friends and win challenges. Also, games with local multiplayer mode allow players to complete chapters together. In this way, progression becomes easier. Here are the best multiplayer offline games for mobile.

Best Local Multiplayer Mobile Games in 2024

Local multiplayer mobile games are fun, exciting and thrilling. You can join your friends or invite them and play together to complete missions. 

Bomb Squad

Bomb Squad is an action adventure where you can play plenty of mini-games. Every mini-game has different objectives like scoring goals, capturing flags, crossing obstacles and more. Bomb Squad is an exciting local multiplayer offline game that you can play with friends on a private server. You can play as a chef, warrior, barbarian or pirate in different mini-games. Score as many as points and climb higher in the global leaderboard table of Bomb Squad.

Ludo King

Ludo King is one of the highest grossing local multiplayer mobile games of all-time. In this board game, you can invite your friends and family members and play together. You can play Ludo with 3 players or even 5 players. Choose a board, pick your color and roll the dice. Ludo King also features a Snake and Ladder game.

The quick mode of Ludo King is one of the best in-game modes to play. You can play against top-ranked players of Ludo King in tournaments. There’s a voice chat feature and you can customize layouts for your board as well. Ludo King is an incredible board game to play with your friends. Defeat your friends in every round and claim free gifts as rewards.


Badland is a single-player action adventure game. A side-scrolling platformer that takes adventurers through intense battles in forests and mountains. You can play Badland with 3 friends through the local multiplayer mode. Each level in Badland will be a test of survival. Utilize your weapons and skills to escape traps and mine bombs. You can fly, jump and cross rocks. Bomb Squad is an award winning and one of the highly rated local multiplayer mobile games.


Ballz is a fun puzzle game that you can play with friends. In Ballz, the goal is simple. You have to roll the balls and break bricks. The game has touch and swipe gameplay. Before the timer ends, you have to break as many bricks. While you throw the balls, you will spot some rewards. Collect them to earn extra balls. As you progress in Ballz, each stage will have extra bricks. Invite your friends to Ballz and challenge them to beat your scores.


Minecraft is a sandbox and simulation from Mojang. Minecraft has creative and survival game modes. You can explore biomes with friends, meet NPCs, fight against creatures and slay bosses across terrains. You can invite other Minecraft players to your lobby and complete boss fights together. In Minecraft, you can hire animals and feed them food. Every realm has plenty of challenges and you have to survive against creatures and unlock resources.

With available resources, you can craft equipment, build houses and unlock farms. Minecraft is an incredible survival adventure game to play with friends. Every environment possesses lots of challenges for adventurers. You can utilize the in-game chat feature and complete missions co-operatively with friends.

Asphalt 8

The racing adventure is highly recommended if you love car games. Asphalt 8 is one of the iconic games with local multiplayer and competitive multiplayer as well. Here, you can pick elite motorbikes and cars. With more than 70 tracks, you can pick a top-rated vehicle and race against friends. 

Perform techniques like maneuver, drift and stunts to get boosters. High performance cars are highly effective to compete against the best racers in the game. Asphalt 8 also has live events and tournaments. Win challenges, unlock new milestones and add legendary cars to your garage. Use currency and rewards to upgrade car parts.

Badminton League

Badminton League is a sports simulation game. You can play against friends in badminton leagues in a private server or explore the online multiplayer mode to take part in global tournaments. Swipe, Jump and Smash are the basic controls in Badminton League. Use skills to increase your powers. Win challenges and score more points to receive premium badminton equipment. Secure top ranks and unlock the golden trophy. This is one of the best Local Multiplayer Mobile Games

Pocket Tanks

Pocket Tanks is an artillery shooter game. Battle against friends in the arena. PvP battles and practice mode are major in-game features in Pocket Tanks. Use tanks, jetpacks, explosives and boosters to strengthen your build. A long-range weapon can be used to blast and explode targets from a distance. The top-tier weapons in Pocket Tanks are Firecracker, Gamma Blaster, Zapper and Sniper Rifle. With these weapons, you can win PvP battles and level up in the game.


Crashlands is a sandbox, crafting and survival adventure game. Here, you play as a hero on the alien planet. Embark on your journey in the world of crashlands by completing story quests. The battle between trucker and alien has resulted in a disaster. You are left all alone on a remote alien planet. Recruit a robot companion to your squad and kickstart your adventure.

You have to complete quests, beat aliens, loot resources and build a shelter. From the Alien planet, you can traverse across new regions where you meet strange and uncanny characters. You will land in new continents in every story of Crashlands. Stories will get interesting as you meet new aliens and creatures across the world.

Mini Militia 

Mini Militia  is a top-notch shooter game to play with friends. Here, you can play against your friends and bots. You can play against random teams as well. Train your Doodle army with all battle techniques and unlock the best explosives and jetpacks for missions.

Gameplay in Mini Militia is fast and you have to utilize the controls correctly. You can customize your bots with helmets, avatars and boots. Use Grenade Launchers, Pump Action Shotguns, Saw Guns, Machete and Flame Thrower as primary weapons. Battles take place in different zones and you can hide, run and jump to survive attacks from other bots.

Play these local multiplayer mobile games with your friends, family and kids. These games specifically don’t require internet connection. You can invite friends to your lobby through WiFi and Bluetooth. Dive into a dark world and play these  incredible survival mobile games.

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