Best PC Racing Games to Play in 2022


Here is our list of the Best PC Racing Games that you can play in 2022. Gear up and get ready for some fast-paced action!

We are bringing you the crux of the crème de la crème of racing games. Racing games have taken a new twist with the rise of the internet and multiplayer games. People love racing so much that half of the arcade is always filled with racing game consoles.

Moreover, the next-gen racing games are not just about the competitive nature or the rush of going at high speed. It’s the prestige of owning and unlocking premium cars. Visualization and customization of your creativity on your dream car. Here is our list of the Best PC Racing Games that you can play in 2022

Best PC Racing Games

Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 | Mediareferee best PC racing games
Forza Horizon 5

Set in the picturesque country of Mexico, Forza Horizon 5 is not only the successor of Forza Horizon 4 the open-world racing game but it is so much more. A totally action-packed game that has come a long way from giving just a realistic racing experience. Improved tools that allow us to build custom events, enormous visual upgrades, hundreds of new custom parts, and cars are just the tip of the iceberg.

There have been overall improvements in car handling, more granular preferences, and more online content making it one of the best PC racing games. The game set in Mexico is exceptionally diverse tracks and scenery. To give you a tour of the diversity of the tracks there is Baja where the sun-baked tarmac bathing in the parched sandy desert blends into the beach and where deep jungles and muddy tracks crisscross through ancient temples, airstrips, and thickets.

Riders Republic

Riders Republic | Mediareferee
Extreme sports racing

Now, this may feel like a surprising pick for this list but it is absolutely worth it. When people think of racing usually what pops in mind is high-speed cars, F1, and bikes even but not cycling or snowboarding. This game is so intuitive and fun that it will shatter all of your prejudices. This is due to the graphic enhancements and development but you would never expect cycling and snowboarding to be this fun.

Firstly, there is a massive map to do all sorts of things as its an amalgamation of national parks and different landscapes. And secondly, you can do multiple sports in one location. That is jump out in your wingsuit and fly down the mountain or surf down on a snowboard. But all in all the first-person experience of flying or riding down the hill is very satisfying.

F1 22

F1 22 | Mediareferee
F1 22

The game brings new car models updated physics and new rules, mirroring the real-world 2022 Formula 1 World Championship. It reintroduces ground effects and changes the aerodynamics restrictions. Limiting aerodynamic upgrades that can be done over a race weekend, but career mode is still here taking place over 10 years. You work your way up and look to make a mark in the world of F1 racing. You can now change commentators, making it as detailed as possible.

The biggest addition has been that of the Miami International Autodrome in Hard Rock Stadium with three Drag Reduction Systems. The circuits have been updated as per the latest championship races. F122 also supports a dual entitlement i.e if you buy the game on PS4 you get the upgraded copy for the next-gen console. It’s quite surprising that the game supports split-screen multiplayer, so you can enjoy it in old-school style.

Hotwheels Unleashed

It’s a brand that many know and love since childhood. It is an endearing arcade stunt racer that feels great and looks stunning. With tracks creatively weaved through a lavishly detailed life-sized environment. With a catalog of cars straight out of the toy bucket. Highly accessible yet full of advanced techniques devilish shortcuts and creative tools to master. Hot wheels unleashed is one of the best most customizable and most imaginative arcade racing games.

The range of cars leans more towards recent models. Buying and unlocking cars in Hotwheels Unleashed is a little disappointing. You can only buy cars from a selection of 5 random models every four hours of play. That’s really slow and time-consuming. The other option is winning and purchasing boxes using in-game currency. But there is a probability that you may get the same model multiple times.

Burnout Paradise Remastered

Burnout Paradise Remastered Gameplay best pc racing games
Burnout Paradise Remastered Gameplay

Another classic but just a remastered version, the Burnout series has inspired various other games to incorporate its mechanics into their game or introduce game mode similar to the game-style of burnout that is takedowns. Takedowns are really all about smashing cars, cruising at high speed, and totaling your car and others. This game is not about giving you realistic looks and feels but it’s about the unrealistic racing experience.

Races in Burnout don’t have set routes as it’s truly open-world and it only defines the starting and the endpoints of the race. Totaling opponents and yourself could never be more fun. This is a game for the classic arcade feeling. And the selling point of this game is that they did not ruin the spirit of the game with microtransactions.

Need for Speed: Heat

Review Roundup: Need for Speed Heat | Mediareferee
Customized Corvette from NFS Heat

Our personal favorite series and the ultimate guilty pleasure arcade racing game. This is an easy-to-play and fun speeding game. There are no nuances to its technicalities in handling its just hit the boost and accelerate. NFS graphics are always stunning as it’s a triple-A flagship gaming title. Moreover, the drift mechanics of this game are the most satisfying once you hit that sweet spot.

The game has uniquely divided two play styles with day and night modes. During the day you do structured races and progress your storyline and earn cash. The night mode is the defining feature of this game. Night mode also invites police which leads to hot pursuits during events or quests. A random element that makes the race chaotic, completely out of your control. If you love customizing cars boy are you gonna love this game. You can select all individual parts to create the ultimate dream car. And there are no micro-transactions so you just need to grind it out for your dream cars and the required parts.

WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship

WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship Gameplay
WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship Gameplay

This game is not for amateurs as it’s the muddiest and roughest racing game. Previous versions of this game could even cause nausea from motion sickness. While KT Racing the developers are celebrating 50 year anniversary they have dedicated historic races for anniversary races which have pretty stiff timing. Players can even use the classic cars in the quickplay mode to have some old-school fun.

The older classic stages seem more fun with the introduction of crowds of spectators and removed advertising and contemporary safety features. For instance, there is a private team career option that lets you make your race team and buy and design your own car. In conclusion, the driving experience has been upped in its sophistication, and maps are as detailed as ever.

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