The new Multiversus season 1 patch update is out. Find out the buffs and nerfs for your fighters.

Multiversus is a new shooter game where players fight against others in different game modes. In this crossover game, players utilize characters from the WB games and explore fantasy realms. The full version of Multiversus is out after multiple open beta tests. Makers have released the patch notes for Multiversus Season 1.

Multiversus season 1 patch update

There have been many bugs since the open beta run. Makers of Multiversus added a hotfix to overcome all bugs. The new Multiversus update also reduces disconnect rates for all platforms which occurred whenever the game was incorrectly treating a long loading screen as a network timeout.


Players can collect more XP from PvE and battle pass missions. Gameplay for Multiversus is optimized and there won’t be bugs once you download the next update. Also, many characters get buffs and nerfs. Here’s everything included in Multiversus Season 1 patch update 1.04,

Banana Guard

Banana Guards are candy people whose main task is to save princess bubblegum. In the new Multiversus update, an emote that removes Banana Guard’s attack recovery has been fixed

Harley Quinn

The Assassin has been a top-tier character. A bug from emotes that will remove attack recovery is fixed for Harley Quinn.

Iron Giant

The mechanical marvel and tank in Multiversus has received multiple nerfs that focus on the ground side.

  • Iron Giant will not be able to jump and use the up special attack while holding targets
  • An issue that allowed Iron Giant to cancel hitstun if knocked back during this attack is sorted
  • Iron Giant will not be able to walk through ledges while attacking an enemy


Known as the royal guardian of Zanifeer’s royal family, Reindog is a mage that excels in ranged battles. The new update has added a Nerf for the guardian.

  • Jump branch window will be delayed 3 frames for the Ground Side Attack 1


Rick Sanchez, the scientist, is a mastermind in the game. Rick has saved the Earth many times and is hailed as the strongest mage. Rick is a ranged fighter and emotes that removed attack recovery has been fixed for the character


Shoggy Norville Rogers is a popular and iconic character from the Scooby-Doo universe. He plays as a human fighter in Multiversus. Shaggy gets many changes in the new update,

  • Reverted from 1.01 Base Knockback has been reduced to 1300 from 1700
  • Reverted from 1.01 Knockback Scaling is now reduced to 13 from 14
  • Reverted from 1.01 Knockback Angle will work downwards
  •  Reverted from 1.01 On-Hit cancel window faster by 10 frames

All new hotfixes and adjustments for Multiversus Season 1 are out. An issue where the input buffer that’s longer than expected will lead to unintentionally buffered inputs is fixed as well.

Is Multiversus Good?

Multiversus is a platform fighter where fighters have to inflict damage to enemies and eliminate them to progress. You can choose fighters and their perks to win battles. Iconic WB universe characters and their passive skills are available. You can play as a Mage, Assassin it Tank.

Who Can Play Multiversus ?

Multiversus is a free-to-play Crossover fighting game for PlayStation, Xbox and Windows. The game supports cross-platform and cross-play features as well.

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