Zenless Zone Zero Tier List – All Characters Ranked



With our Zenless Zone Zero tier list, you can discover the strongest agents in the game. Also, find the best starting agents to play.

Zenless Zone Zero, the anime RPG has two different worlds. Agents have to explore the dangerous Hollows and fight against Ethereal. While you start your journey in New Eridu, there will be lots of quests and tutorial challenges. After progressing in the campaign, you can unlock new characters in the game. Be it four-star or five-star characters, all agents have their own skills and playing styles.

With the best agents in your squad, you can dominate Hollows and its enemies. There are boss battles and missions in both worlds. So, it’s essential to recruit the best members to your squads. All characters belong to an element and faction. Here are the best characters to recruit for battles from our Zenless Zone Zero tier list.

Zenless Zone Zero Tier List

Zenless Zone Zero tier list

The best agents in Zenless Zone Zero Tier List are placed in S and A Tier lists. Even agents from other categories are stronger as well.

  • S Tier – These Agents are stronger in every aspect. Be it Atk, Hp, or Crit, they have the best stats in each skill. Always pull these units on priority.
  • A Tier –  A Tier agents have the best kits and they are good damage dealers as well. Utilize their skills and talents for boss battles
  • B Tier – B Tier agents have some powerful attacking units. But their defense is average. You can pair these characters with the best defensive agents
  • C Tier –  C Tier units need huge upgrades. These characters have weaker stats when compared to the other three tiers
AgentsElement Faction 
KoledaFireBelobog Heavy Industries 
Hoshimi MiyabiIce Section 6
Nicole DemaraPhysical Cunning Hares
Anton IvanovElectric Belobog Heavy Industries 
Anby DemaraElectric Cunning Hares
Ellen Joe IceVictoria House Keeping
Agents Element Faction 
Alexandrina Fire Victoria House Keeping 
Von LycaonIceVictoria House Keeping 
Grace Howard Wind Belobog Heavy Industries 
Nekomiya Mana Physical Cunning Hares 
Agents Element Faction
Soldier 11FireOBOLS Squad
Corin WickesPhysical Victoria House Keeping 
Ben Bigger Physical Belobog Heavy Industries  
AgentsElement Faction 
SoukakuWind Section 6
Billy KidPhysical Cunning Hares 

Best Agents in Zenless Zone Zero

Here are the top-tier characters to play in Zenless Zone Zero. Our Zenless Zone Zero Tier List has these agents and they boast high atk, dmg, and hp and have the best success rate in battles.


Koleda is a four-star unit. She uses a big hammer for battles. Koleda is a brave leader and belongs to the Belobog Heavy Industries Faction. She’s a massive tank with some excellent skills in her kit.

  • Tremble – The Dash Attack can be deployed to strike enemies in the front row. It also boosts her physical damage and defense for a while
  • Hammer Time – The ultimate special skill for Koleda is used to create an explosion. The skill increases her base fire damage
  • Natural Disaster – The combo attack is used to strike enemies in large area
  • Hammerquake – Another ultimate ability that can be used to explode nearby targets

Anby Demara

IMG 20231127 204048
Zenless Zone Zero Tier List - All Characters Ranked 4

Anby Demara is one of the primary members of the Cunning Hares faction. She’s brave, calm and optimistic. She deals electric damage and has high HP. Here are her best skills,

  • Overdrive Engine – The ultimate skill can be used when her decibel rating is high. You will launch an upward slash and deal massive electric damage to close-range enemies
  • Lightning Bolt – When your energy rate is high, you can unleash this skill. Lightning Bolt attacks faster and deals a huge attack on front row enemies
  • Thunderclap – Once you time a dodge perfectly, Thunderclap can be utilized and it will destroy enemies within close radius
  • Fork Lightning – This special skill attacks faster and can be cast with your basic ATK

Nicole Demara

IMG 20231127 204102
Zenless Zone Zero Tier List - All Characters Ranked 5

She’s the founder and leader of the Cunning Hares faction. Her traits are always positive. Nicole Demara boasts some super powers and will be your best agent for completing Hollow city commissions. She’s a versatile tank and can be used in any position. 

  • Cunning Combo – The Basic attack lets her deal physical damage.  The skill unleashes slashes and all are transformed as physical DMG
  • Speed Demon – Dodge an attack and go aerial. You will be invisible for a couple of seconds. It also makes you invulnerable
  • Sugarcoated Bullet – Use this to demolish enemies in front row
  • Ether Shellacking – Use this to unleash a ranged attack. You can also trap enemies into an energy field and deal physical damage to them

Hoshimi Miyabi

The five-star Ice element character is a beast. She’s the leader of Section 6.  Hoshimi wields a powerful sword and is ready to give everything for her people. Hoshimi has high DMG and HP. Her crit stats are top-notch making her an impeccable agent.

  • Shimotsuki – With 3 stacks of Arcane Blade, you can launch a slash and freeze targets for 4 seconds
  • Fuyubachi – This skill deals massive physical damage to front row enemies
  • Miyuki – Launch this special attack and deal a massive ice damage
  • Kashin-Fu – Whenever characters are knocked up, you can use this skill and deal heavy ice damage. Also, you will be invulnerable


Soukaku is an SSR character. She’s the main member of Section 6. Soukaku has a high crit rate and atk. She can be paired with the best def units or with healers. The best abilities are,

  • Away From My Snacks – This skill increases her wind damage and you can slash enemies in close range
  • Cooling Bento – The special skill unleashes a wind current and launches heavy wind damage. It also boosts your defense
  • Fanning Mosquitoes – This special attack launches wind currents and blows nearby targets. The skill works based on energy rate.
  • Rally – Use this sub-attack skill and gain vortex for weapons. The Rally skill increases ATK for your entire squad

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How to Destroy the Hollows of Zenless Zone Zero?

To wipe out Hollows, you have to join forces with other explorers in the world. Complete PvP challenges and unlock new skills for each character and enhance their talents. The Hollows will invade the New Eridu metropolis frequently. So, you have to recruit the strongest explorers to your squad and defeat them. The battle between Hollows and Explorers in Zenless Zone Zero decides the fate of the metropolis world.

What’s the Best Skill for Nicole Demara in Zenless Zone Zero?

Nicole Demara, the leader of Cunning Hares is an S-tier character in Zenless Zone Zero. She’s a physical elemental character and plays the DPS role. The best skill for Nicole Demara is Do As I Please. This skill increases her damage stats and it also works in a large radius.

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