Xbox Stellar Shift Controller – Price, Compatibility, and more


Xbox has launched the new Stellar Shift Controller and here is everything you need to know including where you can buy it right now!

A few days ago, Amazon listings in Europe revealed the controller’s existence online, and perceptive ever since then players can’t keep calm about it. Now that Xbox has finally launched it after much-awaited news let’s have a look at all the details of the Xbox Stellar Shift Controller that is now available for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One users.

Xbox Stellar Shift Appearance

Xbox released the third controller of its Shift Special Edition. They have released a variety of color options for the players and also let them customize their new controllers as per their taste. This version of its shift special edition has been named Stellar Shift which is glossy in its appearance and has color- a shifting blue to purple finish. In the below part, it has a black and purple dual-color glossy swirl pattern on the grips. The buttons of the Stellar Shift are purple with a pattern on them as well. Xbox took to its social media to announce the launch of its new glossy controller.

Xbox Wireless Controllers come in a variety of colors to suit gamers’ preferences, ranging from the traditional Carbon Black and Robot White to subsequent special editions like Lunar Shift and Aqua Shift. The newest Shift game from Xbox looks to continue that trend.

Like the older Stellar Shift, this one too has textured grips, bumpers, and a back case for a stable grip. Along with that, there is an in-built 3.5mm audio jack to plug in an external gaming headset and a Bluetooth sharing button that lets players take screenshots and videos.

Xbox Stellar Shift Price

The Xbox Stellar shift controller is available now for a purchase costing $69.99 and ₹ 5,778will be available for direct purchase from online stores like Amazon, Walmart, and even the official Xbox store and Microsoft Store. Upon purchasing this Xbox console, you will get access to a dynamic new cosmic background to match the controller’s space-themed look. You will find this background on the console’s home screen.

Xbox Stellar Shift Compatibility

 Xbox Stellar Shift
Xbox Stellar Shift

The Stellar Shift controller will have AA type Battery. But this controller is also rechargeable either with a battery or a USB kit. However, there are other controllers from third parties available as alternatives, the Xbox Wireless Controller has been considered the best option for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One users. There are also expansion cards, chargers, and a controller stand. The D-pad, bumpers, triggers, and sticks of the controller are colored in a more indigo hue. As of now, it’s difficult to predict what Microsoft has planned for the Xbox’s expanding Shift range, which now includes the Stellar Shift design among the Aqua Shift and Lunar Shift. You can quickly pair with, play on, and switch between devices including console, PC, and mobile.

This is everything to know about Xbox’s latest release Xbox Stellar Shift, so now that you know what exciting features it has, what are you waiting for go get yours today!

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