Chelsea Green recently came on Raw and questioned a post from Tessa Blanchard

Impact and Lucha Libre AAA star Tessa Blanchard came into a bullying storm with a post from Chelsea Green highlighted the female star.

Blanchard is one of the top female performers in Impact and other independent circuits and posted that women should support each other, which would lead to great things.

Chelsea Green Tessa Blanchard
Chelsea Green on the latest episode of NXT (Image credit: WWE)

However, Green was not happy with the comments and shared her own views on Blanchard. The current NXT star was part of Impact and TNA before switching to WWE and featured on Raw recently.

Green claimed that Blanchard had “bullied and belittled” several superstars in the past and questioned her comments on being supportive.

Blanchard, however, claimed she was kind to Green all the time but confirmed she made a few mistakes.

The Impact star also added that she has made some poor choices in the past but Green didn’t have any merit into questioning her support.

Racism accusations at Blanchard

Green wasn’t the only female star to accuse Blanchard of bullying other competitors. NWA champion Allysin Kay levelled more serious allegations against the Impact star.

She claimed that Blanchard was racist and highlighted one incident that took place in Japan.

Several other female stars also shared their support for Green and Kay, and it will be interesting to see what happens next with the Impact star.

Isla Dawn from NXT, Rebel from Impact and Priscilla Kelly are some of the other stars that publicly tweeted about Blanchard’s poor behaviour in the past.

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Impact hasn’t posted anything regarding the bullying and racism allegations against Blanchard, and this could affect her time in the promotion.

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