WWE SmackDown Results and Grades 13 Nov 2020: Jey Uso fails Roman Reigns again


WWE SmackDown Results and Grades: Roman Reigns and Jey Uso was one of the talking points ahead of this week’s WWE SmackDown.

Jey Uso and Drew McIntyre
Jey Uso challenged Drew McIntyre this week on SmackDown (WWE)

The pair seem to be on the same page after Uso has been following Reigns’ lead, but we start this WWE SmackDown results and grades piece with one big Raw star coming over.

McIntyre is here

Roman Reigns claimed that SmackDown had been doing well thanks to him and Uso would win the Survivor Series match for his team.

The Big Dog then took a shot at WWE Champion Randy Orton, who he meets at the PPV but he was interrupted by Drew McIntyre.

McIntyre claimed he would win the title from Orton and then face Reigns at Survivor Series. The Scot also took a shot at Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman before Uso cut a promo and challenged McIntyre.

Grade A

McIntyre made a lot of solid points regarding Reign’s absence from WWE and how he was the main man before the Big Dog returned.

Reigns was also left confused and upset at Uso did that he did, and that was smart from WWE playing this role where Uso wants approval from his cousin.

Zayn defends his title

Sami Zayn was livid that he got to know about his title match just an hour before the show. He took on Apollo Crews and wasn’t happy one bit.

Zayn used his smarts as he got Crews’ leg tangled up in the ring apron and the referee counted to 10 and gave him the win.

Zayn beats Crews

Grade B

Zayn using his smarts to get the win highlights his new character and it was great seeing it. The Intercontinental champion faces Bobby Lashley at Survivor Series but his rivalry against Crews might not be over yet.

Banks gets taken out

Sasha Banks came out to speak about the attack from Carmella last week. Bayley’s music played and she distracted the SmackDown Women’s Champion before Carmella again attacked Banks.

Grade B

This was a fine segment but it would have made more sense if Mella was on the microphone instead of Banks.

Carmella seems to be the next rival for Banks but surely Bayley will have a role to play in all this.

Old foes meet again

Otis and Dolph Ziggler got into a bit of a squabble backstage and then the pair hit the ring to solve it.

Robert Roode also distracted Otis, but it was Dozer who got the win in the end.

Otis beats Ziggler

Grade D

WWE seems to be scraping the barrel now for Otis and the star’s value has fallen down a lot. Otis vs Ziggler has happened so many times in the past, it made no sense at all to have it now.

Mysterio vs Rollins

WWE was pushing the latest meeting between Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins as the final chapter.

The Mysterio family was present to see the no holds barred clash as both of the rivals went at it. Rollins again tried to target Rey’s eye before Dominik made the save.

Murphy made an appearance and seemed to support Rollins before hitting him with the knee.

Rey then hit a frog splash for the win and the family celebrated wildly. Murphy was then accepted by the Mysterio family and they left together.

Mysterio beats Rollins

Grade B

This was a great way to end this storyline and hopefully, WWE don’t bring this back again. Murphy is to face Rollins next week, though, and that could be the start of another story where the Mysterios aren’t involved.

New face on SmackDown

Chelsea Green was the newest addition to SmackDown as a triple threat match became a Fatal 4-way. Liv Morgan, Natalya and Tamina were the other competitors and it was Morgan who got the win in the end and went on to Survivor Series.

Morgan wins

Grade C

Morgan getting the win was great for her career but the real talking point was Green featuring on SmackDown.

WWE wasted her on this appearance but things should improve for her, hopefully,

McIntyre vs Uso

Jey looked a little nervous taking on McIntyre in an unsanctioned match. The clash was a brutal affair and when McIntyre took control of the battle, Reigns and Heyman made their way to the ring.

McIntyre got distracted with Uso taking advantage. As Jey tried to pin McIntyre, Reigns told his cousin to make an example of the Raw star.

Uso then went to unload a ton of punches on a downed McIntyre. However, the Scot was able to recover and hit a claymore for the win.

McIntyre and Reigns then had a face off but the Big Dog walked off, looking less than pleased with the result.

McIntyre beats Jey

Grade B

This was another excellent match between the two stars and it was great seeing Reigns want Uso to do something and impress him.

Uso did fail and that won’t go down well with Reigns in the long run.

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