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5 other weird WWE love stories as Aalyah and Murphy couple up despite age difference

Murphy and Aalyah Mysterio are the new couple in WWE despite their age difference

Aalyah Mysterio and Murphy seem to be the next WWE couple as the pair kissed on SmackDown despite having a huge age difference

Aalyah Mysterio and Murphy embracing and kissing was one of the hot topics on this week’s SmackDown.

WWE had been teasing the pair would finally share their love for each other in recent weeks, and it finally happened.

Aalyah and Murphy on WWE Raw
Aalyah and Murphy on WWE Raw (WWE)

While Rey Mysterio and Dominik were not happy with Aalyah’s choice, Seth Rollins was seen laughing it off.

He was willing to let Murphy and Aalyah join him and forget the past, but the seeds of discontent within the Mysterios has been planted.

However, there have been concerns regarding this storyline with Aalyah being just 19 while Murphy is 32.

The age between Aalyah and Murphy certainly saw a lot of fans question this storyline but WWE just loves pairing people up and bringing romance between them.

Some of these pairings have been questionable in the past, and here are five other weird WWE love stories that have been brought out:

5) Mae Young and Mark Henry

The Attitude Era of WWE had some of the weirdest stories and one of them saw Mark Henry start dating Mae Young.

Mark Henry and Mae Young during their WWE stint
Mark Henry and Mae Young during their WWE stint (YouTube)

The age difference between the pair was big enough to make people question the relationship. However, the 1999 storyline featured some absolutely insane bedroom scenes and there was a moment where Young, who was 75 at the time, giving birth to a hand.

The relationship was the butt of many jokes during that time in WWE, and thankfully, this wasn’t continued for long.

Written by Saiyed Adeem Karim

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